Neville Pattinson | Head Of Federal Sales

Neville Pattinson, Head Of Federal Sales, Thales

Neville Pattinson is the Head of Federal Government Sales at Thales Group's Digital Identity & Security division’s Identity & Biometric Solutions team based in Austin, TX. Within that role he evangelizes the need to move to secure digital identity solutions to protect US Citizen’s identity and privacy.
Neville is a leading expert and thought leader on digital identity solutions such as smart cards, electronic passports, various biometric technologies and mobile digital identity to keep identity credentials secure, private and trusted. 
Heavily involved in leading the policy, planning and implementing a number of federal government security initiatives, Neville’s experience includes introducing the first Department of Defense Common Access Cards (CAC); Homeland Security Presidential Directive -12 (HSPD-12), Federal Identity Processing Standard 201 and the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Federal Employee credentialing program. He also led the effort to ensure the best security and privacy protections were implemented in the US e-Passport from its introduction in 2006.
Recently he and his team have been involved in standing up US Exit biometric facial recognition pilots at US airports with successful results in the annual DHS S&T biometric Rallies. Neville and his team are committed to provide new convenient automated traveler experiences supporting CBP’s mission when crossing US borders, improving airport passenger efficiencies by introducing facial recognition enabled airport and security screening experiences.


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