Mark Erlich | Eid Interoperability Expert Advisor
Estonian Information System Authority

Mark Erlich, Eid Interoperability Expert Advisor, Estonian Information System Authority

Mark Erlich is Senior Advisor at the Estonian Information System Authority. For the past three years, he has worked mainly with eIDAS (European regulation No 910/2014) implementation in Estonia. This challenge includes a close cooperation with public e-service providers, trust service providers and partners from other countries.

Mark has been working for the Information System Authority since 2010. This authority is responsible for public sector IT security and also building and maintaining base infrastructure of the e-Government of Estonia. Mark initially worked as a PKI/eID Domain Manager, with theresponsibility of strategical management of the national eID technical platform.

Mark has more than 15 years of competence in identity and related technical solutions. He started his career in the field as an engineer/architect, tasked with creating a tracking system of people and assets in mining and construction industries. He later moved on to work on an Estonian national ID-card project, where he helped design the digital signature software.


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