Lenard Zsakai | Border Police Expert
Hungarian National Police

Lenard Zsakai, Border Police Expert, Hungarian National Police

Police Lieutenant Lénárd Zsákai is a specializied border guard officer, project-expert, risk analysis training developer and head of a local coordination centre of guest officers in Hungary. He started to work at local level on the external borders of the Schengen-zone, Europe, at Kelebia Border Policing Office, at the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Currently he is working at regional level in Kiskunhalas, under the Border Policing Directorate of Bács-Kiskun County Police Headquarters, in the Division of Border Policing. His expertise includes border policing, risk analysis, project-coordination, international relations.

Lénárd is multi-lingual, speaking English (C1), German (B1) and Hungarian (mother tongue). Besides his job, Lénárd Zsákai prepares for his PhD studies within law enforcement after a Bsc. and Msc. degree certificate of law enforcement  manager as well as international public service relations.

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