Kris Ranganath | Vice President, Technology And Solutions
NEC Corporation of America

Kris Ranganath, Vice President, Technology And Solutions, NEC Corporation of America

Kris Ranganath has over 30 years of technology management and solution engineering experience in the public safety and communication industry. In his current role, Mr. Ranganath leads the product and solution development practices in NEC Advanced Recognition Systems division (ARS). He works closely with NEC core technology groups to set roadmap on biometrics and analytics technologies, and manages development, testing, and integration of new technologies.
He is actively engaged in architecting large-scale identity, intelligence and forensic recognition systems. Under his leadership, ARS has delivered biometrics-based law enforcement solutions to the most populous states/cities in the US, and to several federal agencies like the U.S. DHS Office of Biometrics Identity Management (OBIM), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and to several other civil agencies. He is also actively engaged in delivering solutions to international public safety agencies, and has in the past architected biometrics solutions for very large billion+ identity solutions like India AADHAAR.
Kris leads NEC Corporation of America Customer Experience Solutions Center of Excellence (CXCoE). NECAM CXCoE delivers friction-less AI driven sensor fusion technology to Aviation, Parks, Stadiums, and Hospitality markets.


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