James Loudermilk | Senior Director, Innovation And Customer Solutions

James Loudermilk, Senior Director, Innovation And Customer Solutions, Idemia-NSS

Jim Loudermilk is Senior Director, Innovation and Customer Solutions, with IDEMIA National Security Solutions. His focus is on applied R&D to advance biometric and human identification technology. Also, to architect high performance and cost-effective solutions to customer identification challenges. Until his recent retirement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he represented the FBI nationally and internationally as a Senior Level Technologist on identification and innovation issues.
He co-chaired the Interagency Biometrics and Identity Forum, and its predecessor the Biometrics and Identity Management Subcommittee of the National Science and Technology Council. He was a member of the FBI Biometric Steering Committee and represented the FBI with the National Science Foundation Center for Identification Technology Research.  In an earlier FBI assignment, he was chief engineer and deputy program manager for development of the Integrated Automated fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS); the predecessor system to the current Next Generation Identification (NGI). For NGI he provided Director’s Office oversight during the $1.2 billion development effort.
Jim also managed the Science and Technology Branch multibillion-dollar information technology portfolio for 6 years. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mathematics from the University of Dayton and the Degree of Applied Scientist in Communications Engineering from The George Washington University.


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Privacy & Consent - Session Chair's Introduction

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Privacy & Consent - Session Chair's Introduction

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Panel - Privacy, Anonymity, Notice & Consent

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