Hubert Gattet | Technical Officer, Facilitation Section
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Hubert Gattet, Technical Officer, Facilitation Section, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Hubert Gattet has been a Senior police officer (commandant) in secondment with ICAO since January, 1st 2017. Hubert has been involved in the ICAO Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP) strategy as a technical officer in the Aviation Security and Facilitation Branch of the Air Transport Bureau. Under the strategic objective “Security and Facilitation”, he is in charge of:

-providing support for governing bodies of ICAO and expert groups,

-enhancing recognition of ICAO leadership, international cooperation and coordination of regional activities

-implementing of the ICAO TRIP Strategy,

-developing and updating of the travel document specifications, as well as guidance material,

-enhancing travel document inspection using Automated Border Controls systems;

- developing and updating of the contents of training materials related to Facilitation

He was previously deputy-head of the national document fraud office in the Central directorate of the French border police. He has more than seven years of experience in identity and document fraud. As an expert in document, he was responsible for developing and delivering training courses at all levels of the French border police: from the first line officers on the border crossing points to the specialists and experts at a third level of control in charge of document analysis. He was also responsible for sharing information and strengthening skills and knowledge about document frauds and providing tools in order to always facilitate the detections. He was the French representative in the dedicated technical working group of the European Union Council.


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