Christopher Allen | Chair
W3C Credentials Community Group

Christopher Allen, Chair, W3C Credentials Community Group

Christopher Allen is an entrepreneur and technologist who specializes in collaboration, security, and trust. As a pioneer in internet cryptography, he’s initiated cross-industry collaborations and created industry standards that influence the entire internet. Though he’s worked within numerous privacy and security sectors, Christopher’s recent emphasis has been on engines of trust such as blockchain, smart contracts, smart signatures, and especially decentralized self-sovereign identity.

Christopher’s focus on internet trust began as the founder of Consensus Development. There, he worked with Netscape to develop SSL and co-authored the IETF TLS internet draft that is now at the heart of secure commerce on the World Wide Web. More recently, he was Principal Architect at Blockstream, where he led blockchain standards efforts. Christopher has also been a digital civil-liberties and human-rights privacy advisor and was part of the team that led the first UN summit on Digital Identity & Human Rights.

Christopher is co-chair of the W3C Credentials CG working on standards for decentralized identity. He also founded and facilitates the semi-annual “Rebooting the Web of Trust” design workshops, which have generated over 40 collaborative white papers about the next generation of internet privacy, security, and identity software.

Christopher also teaches on these topics. He offers cryptocurrency classes and workshops and has taught Technology Leadership classes in the sustainable MBA program at Pinchot University. Since 2003 Christopher has been sharing his experience at his blog, where he discusses a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, the social web, internet security, and collaboration.

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