Catharine Macintosh | Chief Executive Officer
Real Estate Dot Love

Catharine Macintosh, Chief Executive Officer, Real Estate Dot Love

Catharine MacIntosh is the Founder and CEO of Real Estate Dot Love Inc. that provides a fun, easy ‘tinder-like’ real estate search experience to consumers, through a full-time, professional real estate agent, and that predicts the home you want to buy or the best time to sell.
Catharine is on her second start-up, she comes from a design-tech background and has 10+ years in the real estate industry.
Real Estate Dot Love Inc are driving change in the identity market by transforming the entry point at which people enter the process of buying, renting or selling their home. They have inspirational case studies detailing the need and dangers of the financing process, a process that is at the heart of nearly every real estate transaction.
Their new research has been made possible by including ai and machine-learning algorithms in the products they provide to better understand how to protect consumers from identity fraud.
They have perceived socio-political, economic and technical forces currently at play, recognized through market place insights originating from the raw data captured through consumer actions on the platform. They believe real estate has the opportunity to lead the way in safe, secure personally identifiable information and fraud detection.

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