Brian Wood | Device Security Certification Manager
Samsung Research America

Brian Wood, Device Security Certification Manager, Samsung Research America

Brian Wood joined the Security Research and Development team at Samsung to build a mobility security certification program to support government and enterprise sales. As the program manager overseeing Common Criteria and FIPS evaluations, he has led the Samsung program to validate flagship devices through Common Criteria evaluations and supporting FIPS certifications, integrating the program into the development cycle instead of one-off certifications. Brian acts as the Samsung representative for several Common Criteria Technical Communities, both through NIAP and the broader International community.

In addition to his role in certifications, Brian also represents Samsung in FIDO Alliance working groups, participating in certification and specification groups.

With a career spanning over 20 years, Brian has a diverse background, ranging from product management to operations and training, providing valuable experience and insight in how to apply technology to a diverse set of problems with a focus on real solutions.


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Panel Discussion - Ensuring Trust in the Mobile Biometric Payments Ecosystem

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