Bernard Garcia | Chief Executive Officer
nVIAsoft Corporation

Bernard Garcia, Chief Executive Officer, nVIAsoft Corporation

As the founder and CEO of nVIAsoft Corporation, Bernard Garcia oversees the growth, direction, and innovation of the company. Bernard is passionate about solving customers’ technological problems and empowering them with total security when accessing websites, applications, and databases. Mr. Garcia’s work has run the extent of system development and project life cycle, managing some of the most complex and successful IT project initiatives in the corporate and government arena.
Bringing more than 20 years of business and information technology and implementation management experience, Bernard is responsible for all nVIAsoft business strategy and technology architecture, as well as Infrastructure management and guidance for nVIAsoft’s global operations.
His extensive IT background includes senior management positions in Architecture, Infrastructure, Systems Operations, and Solutions Development on virtually all technological platforms. As a seasoned database engineer, he has computerization and automation experience in a broad range of industries and not-for-profit organizations. These include healthcare, financial services, business, and college on-line education, manufacturing, telecom, and information technology.
Mr. Garcia served as the senior IT consultant for public safety high availability Database Design and Administration. He was instrumental in the creation of GIS Mapping with collaboration with RCC Real-time Crime Center, and oversaw a strategic implementation of E-Citations project for PPD and Philadelphia Traffic Court to the city’s district; this project was recognized and published in the Northeast Star newspaper “Police testing new scanners for traffic tickets.” Furthermore, Mr. Garcia has handled various enterprise database deployment projects for Prudential, CSC, and Dupont. He was also responsible for data center operations and engineering in the US, EU, and the Asia Pacific.
He served as a senior consultant conducting enterprise database administration of DuPont, one of the largest Chemical companies. He joined DuPont in 1998 through the company’s consortium project with Computer Science Corporation (CSC) Chemical Oil and Gas Division.
Mr. Garcia began his career at IBM Philippines in 1994 after earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He also holds a Masters in Education Management and is currently pursuing a Masters’s degree in Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA) at Rutgers University, New Jersey.

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