Festival of Identity

The world finds itself in a time of great uncertainty and unprecedented change, with life having been turned upside down. Working from home has become the new normal, domestic travel has become the exception, international travel a rarity. Privacy and rights are being increasingly challenged – albeit most often with good reason. Across the world, governments and corporations are grappling with issues such as population management, dispersal of benefits, IT security and considering how we can finally exit from citizen lockdown strategies.

The identity community has a critical role to play in many of these issues, and the Festival of Identity is a new, positive and exciting virtual platform that will serve the whole identity community.

Launching on 4th May, the Festival will feature a regular stream of high-quality content, and is an unparalleled opportunity for everyone interested in identity solutions to learn about the latest technologies and initiatives, and to discuss the issues which really matter – especially in today’s challenging environment.

This session sees the launch of the Festival and we will be joined by a number of industry-leading experts to discuss The identity landscape: COVID-19 changes everything.



SponsorING AND ExhibitING

Janine Bill



Laura Camplisson

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