Access IS

Booth 220

Access IS designs and manufactures innovative e-Passport, e-ID and e-DL readers for governmental and commercial applications. From the world’s smallest OEM OCR reader to our advanced ATOM  full-page passport reader, we have product for every application; Border control, Immigration, Document Issuance, Law Enforcement, Banking, Retail, KYC or Anti-Money Laundering.

Find out more at: www.access- is.com




Booth 19 (Start-Up Zone)

ADUCID provides Smart Digital Identity technology for a shared ecosystem of identity and service providers.

A single app on user’s smartphone allows to securely verify and seamlessly use all public and private sector digital services. After only one registration, users can access all of their online accounts and connected devices requiring different levels of assurance, without the need of sending private data online.

Find out more at: www.aducid.com




Booth 15 (Start-up Zone)

Ævatar® is a cooperative platform that facilitates citizens’ frictionless strong authentication for everyday life transactions. The platform streamlines enterprises’ capabilities to comply with EU PSD2/AMLD4-5/GDPR/eIDAS KYC and SCA requirements. The solution includes an eID wallet app, an API for IAM server interop, and a Personal Data Store. The coop federates market leading security and privacy technologies.  

Find out more at: www.aevatar.coop




Aratek Biometrics Technology Co., Ltd

Booth 210

Identify with ease, secure with faith.

Aratek solves identity management challenges through biometrics; we empower customers to mitigate risk, drive productivity and improve service levels. Aratek is devoted to developing solutions that anticipate customer requirements with products and service of the highest quality through continuous research and development and dedicated technical support.

Find out more: www.aratek.co




Booth 409

ARH develops, manufactures and distributes leading-edge software and devices that process images and data for ID entry, verification and biometrics. The company’s identity document readers accurately collect data in a few seconds from a variety of sources, such as e-passports, driving licenses and visas in various applications

Find out more at: www.arh.hu




Booth 401

Aware, Inc. is a veteran of the biometrics industry, providing standards- compliant, OEM biometrics software for public-sector applications since 1992. Our client- and server-based SDKs and applications are used by integrators and solution vendors to enable fingerprint, face, and iris auto-capture and quality assurance, data formatting, workflow, and biometric matching for defense, credentialing, access control, border management and law enforcement.

Find out more at: www.aware.com/biometrics




Booth 209

BeSign is a world-class leading solution for end to end paperless processes implementation. Document signatures are captured with context (device, IP, location,…) and a unique set of biometric parameters (pressure, stroke, acceleration,…), making BeSign the most secure and robust document signing software.

Find out more at: www.besign.tech




Booth 205

BIO-key International, Inc. is a leading developer of fingerprint biometric technologies. The company’s software delivers flexible multi-factor authentication options for highly regulated industries and is interoperable on most devices and platforms.

BIO-key software also supports a number of FIPS-certified – government-compliant fingerprint readers. In 2017, the company is launching an innovative line of biometrically enabled products, including a TSA-certified biometric travel luggage lock.

Find out more at: www.bio-key.com



Biometric Signature ID

Booth 518       

Biometric Signature has created BioSig-ID: a NO hardware biometric password that blends amazing biometric technology with the password format users are familiar with. Multifactor authentication to protect and manage a person’s/company’s virtual identity and block imposters. State of the art forensic reports with BioSig-ID uncover suspicious behaviors/fraud.

Find out more at: www.biosig-id.com



Business Security Solution

Booth 614

Business Security Solution Inc. (BSS Unit) delivers the world’s most advanced palm vein identification technology. The military-grade identification system can do what no other biometric system has done before – rapidly and accurately identify hundreds of thousands of users in a 1:n database environment. The innovation represents a technological leap in cashless, cardless appless payment and user identification technologies.

Find out more at: www.bssunit.com



Camvi Technologies

Booth 14 (Start-up Zone)

Camvi Technologies is a U.S.-based AI company specializing in face recognition and biometrics technologies. Camvi delivers large-scale, real-time, and integrated biometric solutions powered by AI technologies to government and enterprises in Public Safety, Border Control, ID management and more. Camvi's unrivaled scalability enables searching in a Camvi database containing billions of faces to be performed in real time.

Find out more at: www.camvitech.com




Booth 418

CardLogix manufactures smart cards and customizes software solutions for remote and mobile enrollment, instant card issuance, trusted identity verification with biometrics, secure transactions, and protected data and assets.

Find out more at: www.cardlogix.com



Booth 613

Further information will follow.

Find out more at: www.chetu.com




Booth 415

CMITech designs and produces high performance, compact, and easy-to-use iris recognition systems for the global biometrics and identity management markets. Highly cost effective, the Company’s products and technology are easily integrated into a wide range of large- and small-scale applications, including physical and logical access control, civil ID, law enforcement, criminal justice, and immigration control applications. CMITech serves both system integrator and OEM customers.

Find out more at: www.cmi-tech.com



Cognitec Systems


Booth 606

Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technology and applications for enterprise and government customers around the world. Various independent evaluation tests have proven the premier performance of the FaceVACS® software. Cognitec’s portfolio includes products for facial image database search, video screening and analytics, border control, ICAO-compliant photo capturing and facial image quality assessment. Corporate headquarters are located in Dresden, Germany; other offices are in Miami, FL; Rockland, MA; and Sydney, Australia.

Find out more at: www.cognitec.com





Booth 201

Crossmatch helps organizations solve their identity-management challenges through biometrics. We assist governments, law-enforcement agencies, banks, retailers and other enterprises mitigate risk, drive productivity and improve service levels. Our solutions are built on consultative expertise, refined best practices, and the application of advanced biometrics technologies. Crossmatch understands the forces of change in the markets we serve and develops solutions that anticipate our customers’ requirements.

Find out more at www.crossmatch.com





Booth 607

cryptovision is a world-leading specialist for cryptography and electronic identity solutions. The Germany-based company has been specializing in this field for almost 15 years, with hundreds of successful projects delivered. More than 100 million people worldwide make use of cryptovision products every day in such diverse sectors as defense, automotive, financial, government, retails and industry.

Find out more at www.cryptovision.com



Customs and Border Protection

Booth 112

As the guardian of the nation’s borders, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has a multi-layered mission and is a world-class law enforcement agency that adapts to counter new threats; protects the nation’s economic vitality; and manages increasing volumes of travel and trade to the United States.

Find out more at www.cbp.gov




Booth 511

The German software company is the global market leader in the field of automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS). With products ranging from high-tech border control systems to the most secure identity card in the world, DERMALOG Identification Systems has more than 20 years’ experience in the research and development of biometric products and procedures.

Find out more at: www.dermalog.com





Booth 514

DESKO develops and manufactures hard- and software solutions for ID document checks and automated data entry. From image and data capture, to a complete authentication of ID documents, DESKO has your ideal solution for security check points such as border and access control, immigration, banking, retail, hospitality and many more.

Find out more: www.desko.de


Dev Technology Group

Booth 109

Dev Technology delivers secure IT services and solutions that enable government missions. We specialize in multi-modal biometric solution integration, full stack development, cloud and infrastructure optimization, legacy system modernization, and data management. Dev Technology is CMMI-DEV Level 2 assessed and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Find out more at www.devtechnology.com



Booth 102

The Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency acts on behalf of the Secretary of the Army and Provost Marshal General to carry out Department of Defense Executive Agent responsibilities for forensics and biometrics. DFBA leads, consolidates, and coordinates forensics and biometrics activities throughout DoD in support of the National Security Strategy.

Find out more at: www.dfba.mil


Document Security Alliance


Booth 316

The Document Security Alliance (DSA) is a consortium of government agencies, private industry and academia formed to identify methods of improving security documents and related procedures to help combat the growing acts of fraud, terrorism, illegal immigration, identity theft, and other criminal acts.

DSA members draw upon a wide range of knowledge and detailed technical disciplines to accomplish this goal. The group is committed to develop and provide recommendations to appropriate federal and state government agencies and government policymakers to improve the security of identification cards, travel documents and currency.

Find out more at  www.documentsecurityalliance.com



Booth 208

ELYCTIS develops, manufactures and markets readers dedicated to Secured Identity Documents (ePassport, eID, eDL etc.).

Thanks to our expertise in the relevant standards (ICAO, IAS, 7816, 14443, PC/SC, Biometry) we provide support and software developments on fixed and mobile terminals.
Our ID BOX One product range is a compact USB device-family, gathering all the peripherals required to read any electronic document (RFID reader, ISO contact reader, OCR scanner and fingerprint sensor) and able to read e-documents in a single action.

Find out more at: www.elyctis.com


Entrust Datacard

Booth 219

Entrust Datacard™ connects citizens and their governments by providing trusted identity and secure transaction technologies for a wide range of applications – ranging from border crossing and driver licensing, to national ID programs and eGov portals. Our solutions empower government agencies to enhance service levels, while strengthening security, mitigating risk and controlling costs.   

Find out more at: www.entrustdatacard.com



Booth 211

Evolis, a global corporation, develops and manufactures a complete range of card printers that provide all the options needed for graphic and electric personalization (magnetic stripes, contact or contactless smart cards) of all types of cards (national ID cards, payment cards, employee badges, student cards, etc.).

Find out more at: www.evolis.com


Foster + Freeman

Booth 417

Continuous innovation ensures Foster & Freeman Video Spectral Comparators® remain the most effective instruments for document examination.

Offering a range of instruments to suit different applications – From high-speed inspection at a border crossing, to meticulous, forensic-level examination in a laboratory.

Visit booth 408 to see the latest technology.

Find out more at: www.fosterfreeman.com




Booth 217

Against the background of the regulation 2014/910/EU on electronic identification (eID) and trusted services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS), the FutureTrust project, which is funded within the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020) under Grant Agreement No. 700542, aims at supporting the practical implementation of the regulation in Europe and beyond.

Find out more at: www.futuretrust.eu




 Booth 406

Gemalto is the global leader in digital security, with 2015 annual revenues of €3.1 billion and customers in over 180 countries. We bring trust to an increasingly connected world. Our robust identity solutions and services are deployed in over 100 government programs worldwide.

Find out more at: www.gemalto.com



GET Group North America

Booth 319

Since 1994, Global Enterprise Technologies Corp. (GET Group NA) has provided secure, advanced, and complete solutions that enhance citizen IDs and meet our diversified customer needs.
GET Group NA brings together the most innovative technologies available in the market to provide high-end secure solutions that enhance Identity, Credential, and Access Management.

Find out more at: www.getgroupna.com




Booth 519

Grabba is a world leader in the design and manufacture of biometric and biographic hand-held data capture units. These attach to and work with commercially available smartphones and tablets. From one to six technologies can be provided in the one lightweight unit so as to exactly suit the requirements of the use-case.

Find out more at: www.grabba.com



Green Bit Biometric Systems

Booth 311

Green Bit, Turin (Italy), designs and produces high-end FBI-certified fingerprint Livescan systems, helping their partners in the law enforcement and government ID community to make the world a safer place. Green Bit provide a portfolio for law enforcement, civil ID and added value commercial applications with successful deployments worldwide.

Find out more at: www.greenbit.com



Booth 314      

Griaule is a company on the cutting edge of fingerprint, face, iris and voice recognition technologies. It employs the largest and most experienced biometric team in the southern hemisphere, and it is poised for even greater expansion.

Griaule is an award-winning company with over 20 FBI quality certifications, strategic partnerships and products, backed by sound and innovative technologies, making it the market leader in big data biometrics for IT system integrators.

Find out more at: www.griaulebiometrics.com



Booth 517

Herofun is a biometric product and solution provider. It's engineers have more than 27 years of biometric experience. HYF has drawn on this experience to produce a comprehensive range of products including fingerprint modules, fingerprint readers, smart hand-held devices, biometric voter kits (BVK) and other customized terminals. 

Find out more at: www.herofun-bio.com



Booth 301

Herta is a world leader in the development of cutting edge facial recognition solutions. Based in Barcelona and with offices in Madrid, London and Los Angeles, the company offers fast, accurate, robust, end-customer oriented solutions for video surveillance, access control, and marketing requirements.

Find out more at: www.hertasecurity.com



Booth 21 (start-up Zone)

A SIMPLE, TURNKEY, and EFFECTIVE Digital ID Card App and ID Management System.

Find out more at www.id123.io




Booth 414

OT-Morpho is now IDEMIA, the global leader in trusted identities for an increasingly digital world. Through Augmented Identity, we empower citizens and consumers to interact, pay, connect, travel and vote in ways now possible in a connected environment. Follow @IdemiaGroup on Twitter.

Find out more at: www.idemia.com



Booth 22 (Start-up Zone)

Identita is a boutique security firm specializing in biometric access control solutions. They offer a complete credential management solution including both hardware tokens and client server application software. The company’s research and development has culminated in the creation of breakthrough next-generation powered smart cards and unique ECG-based biometric applications.

Find out more at www.identita.com



Booth 17 (Start-up Zone)

Identos is an innovative security solution provider offering authentication and data security solutions, protecting sensitive data on mobile devices including authentication for smartcard integration and derived credentials that create a secure digital credential for use in mobile devices. Identos also provides a robust suite of mobile data encryption (EaaS) and secure messaging SaaS products.

Find out more at: www.identos.com




Booth 300

Innovatrics is an independent provider of biometric software solutions for identity management projects. Innovatrics’ next-generation identity management technologies include Innovatrics AFIS, the world’s fastest multimodal Automated Fingerprint Identification System and IFace, a proven facial biometric solution.

Innovatrics is dedicated to helping partners around the world to deliver powerful identity management solutions.

Find out more at: www.innovatrics.com



Integrated Biometrics

Booth 111

Integrated Biometrics (IB) develops and manufactures leadership-enabling fingerprint capture technology in both stand-alone and embedded versions suitable for integration into our partners’ mobile solutions. Utilizing IB’s patented LES technology, IB designs the world’s smallest, thinnest, and smartest certified fingerprint sensors.

Find out more at: www.integratedbiometrics.com



International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA)

Booth 609

The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) is a trade association founded in September 1998 in Washington, DC that promotes the effective and appropriate use of technology to determine identity and enhance security, privacy, productivity, and convenience for individuals, organizations, and governments. Recognizing the vital role identity plays in a globally connected world, IBIA brings stakeholders into a single organization that provides; a forum for exchanging information and ideas; a clearinghouse for resolving issues and establishing policy; a voice for policy advocacy and education; a connection to complementary organizations and standards bodies.

Find out more at www.ibia.org



Iris ID

Booth 306

Iris ID's biometric solutions enabling non-contact and highly accurate identification using iris recognition deliver security, convenience, privacy, and productivity to millions around the world. IrisAccess, now in its fourth generation with even more features and flexibility, is the world's leading deployed iris recognition platform.

Find out more at: www.irisid.com




Booth 216

IriTech develops state-of-the-art iris recognition technology and translates it into high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Recent developments include iris capturing under direct sunlight, face and dual-eye auto capturing with a single CMOS sensor, and FiDELYS iris smartwatch. IriShield series, a combination of our NIST-proven superior algorithms and compact, cost-effective hardware, are the only STQC certified authentication devices in UIDAI project – a case in point for our strong track record.

Find out more at: www.iritech.com



Booth 310     

JENETRIC develops and manufactures biometric scanners and sensors that meet the highest demands for image quality, capture speed, multi-functionality and ease of use. We are taking a holistic approach to the design of our solutions and the interaction with users. Our LIVETOUCH fingerprint scanners represent a new class of compact and user friendly FAP60 devices that will help to simplify and improve fingerprint capture processes.

Find out more at: www.jenetric.de


KIS Photo-Me

Booth 108

KIS is the Research & Innovation center of the Photo-Me Group, the world's leading manufacturer and operator of automatic ID photo booths.

In addition to traditional 2D photos, we offer secure integrated solutions including biometric data transfer, 3D facial image capture and 3D facial recognition.

Find out more at: www.photo-me.com


Lakota Software Solutions

Booth 309

Lakota Software Solutions, Inc. provides high-performance biometric software products that enable systems to be fully compliant with biometric standards and specifications. Lakota’s NISTParse software supports all biometric specifications based on the ANSI/NIST-ITL standard (FBI EBTS, DoD EBTS, INTERPOL INT-I, etc.). Lakota’s FBI-certified WSQParse is one of the fastest WSQ image compression library on the market, available in C/C++, .NET and Java.

Find out more at: www.lakotasoftware.com



Booth 601

Laxton is a global leader in providing cost effective, high technology, Election, Identity & SelfService Solutions. Flagship technologies include biometrics and cryptography.  

Fully equipped with a dedicated team of professionals, Laxton has a proven track record of implementing large-scale projects from concept design and manufacture to final execution.

Find out more at: www.laxtongroup.com



Booth 617

LumenVox is becoming a total speech solutions company.  LumenVox provides a complete stack of speech and speaker recognition technology.  We support a multitude of ID and Access Management applications for voice, facial biometrics-passive and active authentication, fraud prevention and public security.  LumenVox understands the “voice of the customer”.

Find out more at: www.lumenvox.com



Booth 516

Magicard provides identity management, credentialing and issuance solutions. Headquartered in the UK at a military-certified manufacturing and development facility, Magicard has operations across the globe. Magicard products are trusted by thousands of organisations and governments throughout the world to issue millions of secure identity credentials every year.

Find out more at: www.magicard.com




Booth 515

MaskTech is the leading independent provider of embedded system on chip, high- security operating systems and middleware solutions for eID documents.

Our embedded solution (MTCOS) protects e-documents in more than 65 countries worldwide. MTCOS is a fully open standard (ISO/IEC) compliant multi-application operating system and supports a large variety of ID applications e.g. ICAO/BSI ePassport, national e-ID, -sign, -health, -drivers license and PKI. It supports the RFID, dual interface or contact interface.

Find out more at: www.masktech.de


Matica Technologies

Booth 418

Matica offers a comprehensive hardware and software product portfolio to issue secure ID cards and financial cards, from desktop systems –ID card printers, desktop laser engraving and passport printers– to central issuance solutions for high volume applications.

Find out more at: www.maticatech.com



Booth 400

Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy (MSTR) is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms. The Company's mission is to provide enterprise customers with a world-class software platform and expert services so they can deploy unique intelligence applications.

Find out more at: www.microstrategy.com/us or follow us on Facebook and Twitter


Mühlbauer Group

Booth 618

Since 1981, the Mühlbauer Group has grown to a global player in the security sector with 35 production and service locations worldwide. The company specializes in innovative end-to-end solutions concerning the production, personalization and issuance of smart cards and ePassports. Mühlbauer is a competent partner for implementing security systems and is currently involved in over 300 ID projects worldwide.

Find out more at: www.muehlbauer.de


NEC Corporation

Booth 101

NEC has been at the forefront of defining leading-edge biometric identification solutions for over 40 years. NEC’s identification technologies include finger/palm print, DNA and face recognition solutions.  Our Mission – To help government and businesses use technology to build a safer environment for life and work.

Find out more at: www.necam.com





Booth 610

Novetta is the biometric and identity management industries' leading independent research, integration and consulting firm. Novetta provides expertise in virtual/online identity, cyber security, entity resolution, social analytics, mobile development and video forensics and exploitation. Please visit Booth 610 to learn more about solutions for identity management and insider threat detection.

Find out more at: www.novetta.com



Booth 113

NtechLab delivers high-performance and straightforward face recognition products, powered by accurate and fast algorithms developed in-house. Affordable and easily scalable, our technologies are focused on providing solutions for customers in a variety of applications, including public safety, retail, banking, events, online dating. NtechLab’s face recognition products perfectly fit large-scale projects with thousands of video streams and billions of images made in real-life conditions.

Find out more at: www.ntechlab.com



Booth 18 (Start-Up Zone)

NuID is building a decentralized authentication and digital identity management solution. The NuID protocol uses blockchain technology and innovative zero-knowledge encryption to eliminate the need for businesses to store passwords and other sensitive authentication data. Our platform supports biometric and other advanced authentication factors, enabling businesses to offer convenient and secure passwordless login. We are making centralized password storage and the often resulting large-scale breaches obsolete.

Find out more at: www.nuid.io



Booth 114

The Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) is the primary provider of biometric identity services for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). As part of the National Protection and Programs Directorate, OBIM provides advanced biometric identification, information sharing, and analysis to authorized frontline decision makers, so that they are able to identify accurately the people they encounter, and assess whether they pose a risk to the United States.

Find out more at:




Booth 408

OneVisage develops unique 3D facial biometry and graphical authentication software solutions that enable large financial services and cyber-security integrators drastically reducing cyber-frauds and identity thieves. Unlike any hardware-specific or software-based authentication alternatives, OneVisage enables premium security (1’000 times higher than Face ID) on +1.5 billion mobile devices at the price of a password-based solution

Find out more at: www.onevisage.com



Booth 119

OPTAGLIO is a leading global provider of advanced security holograms and the market leader in e-beam lithography. During almost 25 years of our history, we have delivered hundreds of millions of holograms to governments and financial institutions in more than 50 countries around the world.

Find out more at www.optaglio.com


OVD Kinegram

Booth 318

OVD Kinegram, a member of the German Kurz group, is an innovative, global leader in the supply of advanced Optically Variable Devices (OVDs) to protect government documents and banknotes. More than 100 countries have placed their trust in the KINEGRAM® security device to protect their high security documents.

Find out more at: www.kinegram.com




Booth 508

PREHKEYTEC is a leading data capture and data input manufacturer, providing OEM’s and integrators across multiple industries with advanced solutions for a range of data capture and input needs. From custom keyboards with advanced integrated options, to intelligent ePassport, boarding card, ID card and Visa readers, providing automated document capture for border control & check-in, immigration, banking, access control, car rental and a range of additional data capture requirements.

Find out more at: www.prehkeytec.com


Princeton Identity

Booth 206

Princeton Identity develops innovative technologies, designed to verify and manage individuals’ identities for physical security and data access applications. The company’s unique multimodal biometric solutions employ iris and facial recognition technologies that deliver the highest levels of accuracy.

Find out more at: www.princetonidentity.com




Booth 20 (Start-up Zone)

Privakey eliminates the need for passwords and KBA from customer interactions. It enables a consistent way for customers to authenticate and authorize transactions across all channels, without passwords. Whether they’re online, on the phone, or on a mobile app—customers have the same omnichannel experience with companies that deploy Privakey.

Find out more at: www.privakey.com



Booth 501

Qualcomm creates the mobile technology that transforms how we live by delivering the most innovative technologies, enabling the most advanced wireless secure connectivity with mobility and accuracy. Each breakthrough inspires new thinking for our partners – so people everywhere can live better.

Find out more at: www.qualcomm.com


Reconnaissance International

Booth 608

As a provider of specialist business intelligence, we keep our customers informed about the latest developments in secure documents, currency, tax stamps, holography and anti-counterfeiting.

We produce five monthly newsletters for these sectors, as well as regular market reports and directories, and offer consultancy to help customers identify appropriate solutions for document security. We also run the secretariats for two major industry associations and a series of international events. 

Find out more at www.securedocumentnews.com


Regula Baltija

Booth 510

Regula Baltija Ltd. provides clients with solutions to verify the authenticity of security papers, ID’s, passports, and banknotes, as well as a number of proprietary tickets (such as lottery tickets) and official documents. Our document forensics solutions comprise integrated hardware and software that is able to process and match documents precisely using detailed document identification parameters contained in our extensive, pre-populated databases. Our products are inter-operable and compatible and indispensable for the qualified examination of official documents.

Find out more at: www.regulaforensics.com


Reliable Identities

Booth 23 (Start-up Zone)

Reliable Identities provide proven and effective enrollment and identity vetting services to ensure that your sensitive information and processes are well protected.

Find out more at www.reliableid.com



Science Media Partners


Booth 603

Science Media Partners Ltd an innovative British publishing and events company based in the south-east of England. Its ethos is to provide exceptional events and editorial products with an emphasis on value and building long-term industry partnerships in the human identity sector. Science Media Partners is the owner of the connect:ID and SDW events, as well as the www.PlanetBiometrics.com and www.SecurityDocumentWorld.com news portals.

Find out more at: www.connectidexpo.com/about-us




Booth 419

SecuGen is a world-leading provider of optical fingerprint technology, biometric tools and components. Known for high quality, ruggedness and price performance, our products include FBI- and STQC-certified fingerprint readers, OEM sensors, customizable development tools, algorithms and SDKs for mobile, IT, physical access, AFIS and law-enforcement applications.

Find out more at: www.secugen.com


Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC)

Booth 416

The Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC) is a unique cooperative program that delivers comprehensive personnel assurance technologies and services to risk managers. SWAC unites the efforts of public agencies, private corporations, labor groups, and contractors, assuring that all members comply with security and safety requirements.

Find out more at: www.secureworker.com


SICPA Securink

Booth 410

SICPA is a trusted provider of secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions to central banks, governments and security printers. SICPA’s interoperable border control security solution encompasses overt and machine-readable authentication, biometric reading, advanced software for passenger screening and clearance, and data-management systems.

Find out more at: www.sicpa.com




Booth 308

Nearly every airline and airport does business with SITA and our border management solutions are used by more than 30 governments.  Founder of the Secure Journeys Working Group, a coalition of airport stakeholders, our goal is to facilitate a more secure and efficient passenger experience from reservation to destination.

Find out more at: www.sita.aero/usgov



Booth 16 (Start-up Zone)

SmilePass provides biometric authentication as a service to businesses. Our clients create unique and secure biometric profiles of customers at the beginning of their relationship, halting identity fraud using border level security. Any future transactions or events that contain risk can be also easily verified against this profile, protecting the business and its customers.

Find out more at: www.smile-pass.com



Booth 411

Suprema Inc., a global leader providing state-of-the art technology and products in biometrics and ID solutions, is a major supplier of ePassport readers and FBI-certified single, dual, 10-print finger (4+4+2), and Palmprint fingerprint scanners for immigration control, criminal and civil ID systems, as well as fingerprint modules and PC solutions. Suprema has a worldwide sales network in over 125 countries and is also a listed company on the South Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ).            

Find out more at: www.suprema-id.com



Booth 605

Tactilis is a company manufacturing powerful computer biometric system-on-card that completes the chain of trust in identity and information security.

Utilizes live fingerprint scanner to securely verify user’s identity and authorize transactions with a single touch of a finger.

Has the capability to replace all current forms of identification conveniently for many business verticals.

Find out more at: www.tactilis.com




Booth 500

Tascent develops and deploys multimodal, high throughput and mobile biometric identity products and solutions that excel in challenging real-world environments. Each year, tens of millions of people rely on our biometric technologies for border management, air travel, and public safety. Tascent has offices in Silicon Valley, Washington, DC, Singapore, and Dubai.

Find out more at: www.tascent.com




Booth 214

Founded in 1999, Telepower is a leading POS provider which covers the fields of research & design, manufacture, marketing and after-sale service of advanced telecommunications devices, including financial/smart POS Terminals, provide professional ODM service and TMS service. Telepower launched products in more than 100 countries with many banks, operators and platform suppliers.

Find out more at: www.telpo.com.cn


Vision Box

Booth 506

Vision-Box is the leading provider of automated border control systems and electronic identity solutions that use ICAO-compliant standards. The product portfolio ranges from live biometric-enrolment   stations,   document-verification   kiosks,   digital   document   dispensers   and personalization systems, ranging from portable and hand-held biometric units, through to smart biometric ABC e- Gates.

Find out more at: www.vision-box.com




Booth 509

Yubico sets new global standards for simple and secure access to computers, servers, and internet accounts.  The company’s invention, the YubiKey, delivers strong hardware protection, with a simple touch, across any number of IT systems and online services. The YubiHSM, Yubico’s ultra-portable hardware security module, protects sensitive data inside servers.

Find out more at: www.yubico.com