April 29 - May 1, 2019





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connect:ID is an innovative international conference and free global exhibition focused on identity technologies and their management in both the physical and digital worlds.

Our mission is to showcase the potential of next-generation identity solutions, and to highlight how disruptive technology and policy decisions are driving much needed change.



connect:ID Conference


Our multitrack conference that draws together the world’s leading minds – and pioneers – will offer users practical advice for today, examine current government policies, and provide thought-provoking insights into the future of identity.







The exhibition is one of the identity industry's best opportunities to see and demonstrate next-generation products, solutions and services with a highly qualified visitor audience, including adopters and government officials from around the world.





connect:ID networking


It’s all about who you know, and at connect:ID we gather the key players in the identity industry under one roof and in 2019 we will be actively facilitating introductions and meetings, so you can add the right people to your network.




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Exhibition space is allocated on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis and demand for space is strong.

Download the prospectus to explore our sponsorship and exhibition opportunities.





Commissioner Kevin Mcaleenan, Commissioner, US Customs And Border Protection, US Customs and Border Protection

David Pekoske, Administrator, Transportation Security Administration

Bob Schukai, Senior Vice President, Identity Solutions, Mastercard

John Wagner, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Shonnie Lyon, Director, DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management

Kris Ranganath, Vice President, Technology and Solutions, NEC

Peter Martis, Director of Global Sales, Innovatrics

Jerome Ajdenbaum, Vice President, Business Development, IDEMIA

Christopher Allen, Chair, W3C Credentials Community Group

Kathy Alsbrooks, Senior Director, North America, Government ID Solutions, HID Global

Richa Arora, Director, National Digital Identity Strategy Lead, Deloitte

Eduardo Azanza Ladron, Chief Executive Officer, Veridas

Lawrence Benson, Director, Strategic Alliances, LexisNexis

Debra Bernard, Litigation Partner, Perkins Coie LLP

Brent Bombach, Director of Government Relations, NEC

John Boyd, Assistant Director Futures Identity, DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management

Andrew Bud, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, iProov

Greg Cannon, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Crossmatch

Daniel Castro, Senior Analyst, The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

Daniel Castro | Senior Analyst | The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation » speaking at connect:ID

Tom Clancy, IdAM and PKI Lead, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Scott Dueweke, President, The Identity and Payments Association

Bill Dumont, Sales Director, Innovatrics

Troy Eberhardt, Section Chief, Research and Development, DHS / ICE / HSI Forensic Laboratory

Mark Erlich, Eid Interoperability Expert Advisor, Estonian Information System Authority

Mark Erlich | Eid Interoperability Expert Advisor | Estonian Information System Authority » speaking at connect:ID

Morgan Follier, Vice President, Sales, IDnomic

Steven Giaier, General Counsel, House Committee on Homeland Security

Steven Giaier | General Counsel | House Committee on Homeland Security » speaking at connect:ID

Jeremy Grant, Coordinator, Better Identity Coalition

David Grauel, Program Manager, DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management

William Graves, Chief Engineer, DoD Biometrics

Patrick Grother, Biometrics Evaluator, NIST

Walter Hamilton, Senior Consultant, Identification Technology Partners

Terry Hartmann, Vice President Asia Pacific, Cognitec Systems

Terry Hartmann | Vice President Asia Pacific | Cognitec Systems » speaking at connect:ID

Benji Hutchinson, Vice President, Federal Operations, NEC

Loffie Jordaan, Business Solutions Architect, AAMVA

Glenn Krizay, Director, Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency

Tovah Ladier, Managing Director, IBIA

Jean-Francois Lennon, VP Sales & Marketing, Vision-Box

Kurt Lieber, Chairman, H-ISAC

Jason Lim, Biometrics Capability Manager, T.S.A.

Jason Lim | Biometrics Capability Manager | T.S.A. » speaking at connect:ID

Mark Lockie, Conference Co-Chair And Managing Director, Science Media Partners

James Loudermilk, Senior Director, Innovation and Customer Solutions, IDEMIA

Richard Madison, Senior Director, Mortgage Education Programs

Jeff Maynard, Chief Executive Officer, Biometric Signature ID

Alan Mcquinn, Senior Analyst, Information Technology And Innovation Foundation

John Mears, Vice Chairman, IBIA

Rob Mikell, Director, Business Development for Government Mobile Solutions, IDEMIA

Christopher Miles, Deputy Director, Standards Integration and Application, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Ute Miller, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Security Solutions, Mastercard

Vishwath Mohan, Senior Software Engineer, Google

Vishwath Mohan | Senior Software Engineer | Google » speaking at connect:ID

Patrick Nemeth, Identity Operations Director, DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management

Neville Pattinson, Senior Vice President, US Federal Government Sales, Gemalto

John Peters, Head of New Business, OVD Kinegram Corp

Anthony Pizzari, Senior Program Officer, Canada Border Services Agency

Tony Poole, President, Document Security Alliance

Javier Preciozzi, Adjoint Professor, University of the Republic, Uruguay

Christian Revilla, General Manager, Corporate Security and Passenger Facilitation, Delta Air Lines

Timothy Ruff, CEO, Evernym

Chris Runde, Director Of Airport Innovation Accelerator, American Association of Airport Executives

Vangelis Sakkopoulos, Professor, University of Piraeus

Vangelis Sakkopoulos | Professor | University of Piraeus » speaking at connect:ID

Stephanie Schuckers, Director, CITeR, Clarkson University

Geoff Slagle, Director, AAMVA

Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst, American Civil Liberties Union

Scott Straub, Vice President, Federal Risk Markets, Neustar Inc

Nina Suchankova, Business Development Manager, North America, Innovatrics

Prakash Sundaresan, Founder & CTO, Trusted Key

Sylvie Vandevelde, Head Of Marketing And Communication, Belgian Mobile ID

Arun Vemury, S&T Program Manager, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Marsel Wachter, Senior Contributor, City of Amsterdam

Marsel Wachter | Senior Contributor | City of Amsterdam » speaking at connect:ID

Nicole Williams, Director Of Field Marketing, North America, Gemalto

Lenard Zsakai, Border Police Expert, Hungarian National Police