Lora Shimp | Director - Immunization Center
John Snow Inc

Lora Shimp, Director - Immunization Center, John Snow Inc

Lora Shimp is the Director of JSI's international Immunization Center. She has worked at JSI since 1997 as a senior immunization technical expert and specialist in communication and behavior change, providing technical support at global and regional levels and directly in over 30 countries around the world,in collaboration with MOH/EPIs, UN organizations, and other partners. Her expertise includes immunization service delivery and equity, data quality and use, financing and planning, communications, community partnerships, new vaccine introduction, and disease-specific interventions. Lora has an MPH from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and a BA in international affairs, development in sub-Saharan Africa from George Washington University.


Day 2 - Wednesday 3rd April @ 11:40

Panel: Partnerships between industry and vaccine implementation programs

  • What is needed to design tiered pricing for vaccines?
  • How is current vaccine supply being planned assured, particularly with LMICs?  
  • Navigating limited supply of vaccines market availability increases
  • How industry and government are working with NGOs and mechanisms like GAVI to make vaccines more accessible
  • MIC countries and affordability of vaccine supply programs.
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