ImmunAdd Inc.


Saponin-based vaccine adjuvants enhance the immune response to vaccination and are an important antigen sparing strategy, but they are unstable in solution, demonstrate unsatisfactory safety profiles, and rely natural ingredients which are unsustainably sourced. We have developed the next generation saponin-based adjuvant IA-05, a fully synthetic, rationally designed, truncated analog of the saponin adjuvant QS-21. IA-05 is stable, minimally toxic, and capable of enhancing vaccine efficacy through increasing antigen-specific T-cell immunity.  We have demonstrated the efficacy of IA-05 in influenza, COVID-19, HPV, RSV, and cancer vaccines, and the no-observed-adverse-effect level (NOAEL) of IA-05 in rats was over 2.5 mg. A multi-gram, GMP synthesis of IA-05 has already been developed. We have raised $2 million in grant funding from the Taiwan Ministry of Education.  

ImmunAdd Inc. is flexible in its collaborations, and we would be delighted to discuss any kind of business opportunity. We are looking for vaccine developers in need of an adjuvant to enhance the efficacy of their vaccines and strengthen their vaccine portfolios. We are also interested in out-licensing opportunities for our adjuvant pipeline and venture investment.