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Neustar offer cloud-based cyber security solutions globally serving a multitude of industries including retail, finance, healthcare and telecommunications with its products. It offers the largest, most reliable network in the world making it the trusted DNS provider of huge brands. Plus, following huge developments over the past year, Neustar offer protection from the largest and most complex DDoS attacks. Ensuring that it remains innovative and ahead of the changeable threat landscape, Neustar have added a number of new features to its WAF in order to provide ultimate protection to its customers. With new scrubbing centres going live across all regions, Neustar WAF is now backed by the largest DDoS mitigation network worldwide. Other services include traffic management, website monitoring, load testing, IP Geolocation and vulnerability testing.
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Cyber Security Congress


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The Cyber Security Congress is two events: A world-class conference where business leaders from around the world meet; and, a unique cyber security and information technology exhibition. To visit the exhibition is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference.