Agenda Day 1

The World Cyber Security Congress Day 1 - 27th March 2018

Day One - Tuesday, 27th March


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Conference Welcome and opening remarks from Sir Iain Lobban, GCHQ Director 2008 – 2014

Know your enemy

Chris Inglis

Keynote address: the future of cyber security and the information race

  • Current cyber security threats: How do they manifest, spread and how can they be contained?
  • How can we protect our most valuable infrastructure assets?
  • Winning the information security race: competition with foreign states and other actors
Pete Cooper

Securing trust as well as technology – Getting the focus right

  • We focus on securing technology, but have we thought enough about securing trust?
  • How adversaries augment and amplify their objectives through attacking trust as well as technology
  • What can we do at a national, enterprise and business level do to secure trust?
Russell Wing

Digital transformation and cyber security: how can we safely enable the business through technology?

  • Digital innovation - breaking from legacy IT systems and embracing new technology - is a key driver of business growth and enterprise value
  • How can companies embrace trends like AI, machine learning, blockchain, apps, without exposing themselves to cyber security risks?
  • Can cyber security be built into the digital transformation process?
Hal Moore, Science & Technology Advisor, Homeland Defense

Speed Networking


Morning break and Exhibition Visit


Chairman: Kevin Cahill, advisor to the House of Lords on supercomputers

Russell Wing

Deception-based cyber security: from reactionary to proactive defence

  • Using honey nets and honey pots to lure hackers into your network
  • Why would you want to?!
  • Shifting to a proactive defense strategy
John Loveland

Towards new – and better – models for Cyber Risk Scoring

  • Shifts in the security landscape have created a need for better scoring and evaluation of cyber risk
  •  Executives increasingly would like cyber risk to be framed in the context of the better understood models of enterprise risk management
  • A model for dynamic cyber risk scoring which can help optimize security spending and reduce risk
Gareth Carrigan

Identity access management and challenges with sustaining an adequate control environment

  • Aligning business and security imperatives
  • Do you have a cutting-edge and comprehensive Information Security plan?
  • Making use of your best assets: employees, vendors and security solutions
Gareth Carrigan, Standard Chartered Bank

Roundtable discussions

1) Defence strategies against the ever growing threat of attacks
with Anthony Chadd, Senior Director, EMEA, Neustar

2) Cyber Insurance vs Cyber Assurance: How should you prepare to minimise business impact with Adam Maskatiya, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab UK & Ireland

3) Strategies for managing the risk of targeted attacks
Attackers taking aim directly at your organization can cause the most damage.
What are the most effective means of detecting “low-and-slow” attacks?
How are organizations minimizing business impact once these attacks occur?
What is the right balance between investment in prevention and detection versus crisis response capabilities?
Ofer Israeli, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Illusive Networks

4) Verizon Roundtable with Bryan Sartin, Executive Director Global Security Services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

5) Essential components of a vendor risk management program including GDPR with Philip East, UK Sales Director and Russell Budworth, Regional Manager, UK, BitSight Technologies

6) Skills Diversity with Pete Cooper, Senior Research Fellow, Atlantic Council

Networking lunch & exhibition visit

Stream One - Surviving sophisticated attacks

Stream Two - Cyber security as a business differentiator

Stream Three - Best Practice in Cyber Security

Stream 4 - 13:50 until 15:00

Stream One

The evolving threat landscape: what should your organisation be doing now to prepare?

  • As threats become more sophisticated how can your organization prepare?
  • A diverse set of tools – people, technology, ideas – will enable you to survive future attacks
  • Should we have gradual evolution or radical change?
Stream Two

Social engineering tactics

  • SEBs program for increasing awareness among SEB client executives and our customers
  • Why are people so susceptible to social engineering attacks?
  • Why are hackers sometimes better able to engage your workforce than you are?
Stream Four - Kaspersky Lab Workshop

Kaspersky Lab Workshop: Redefining Enterprise Security in an Era of Digital Transformation

In the digital world, effective information security is now a key business success factor. As attackers find new ways to attack digital assets, the ability of the organization to maintain continuity, and the security of the information circulating in it, may be called into question. New attack methods and threat vectors require fundamentally new approaches to corporate protection.
As part of the World Cyber Security Congress in London on March 27, Kaspersky Lab will be conducting a seminar exploring ways to solve the problem of protection in the digital world, where the risks are so high, and where the only sure defense lies a comprehensive security approach.
Join us there to:
  • Find out about the threats organizations like yours are currently facing
  • Learn how to build reliable protection in the era of digital transformation
  • See how leading-edge global corporation has built its security on proven technologies
  • Put your questions to our experts
Stream One

Human driven data economy: working with multiple identities and identifiers – project IHAN

Human Driven Data Economy and IHAN concept:
  • empowering people with an international protocol to control usage of their personal data
  • IHAN elements: centralized and decentralized identifiers, chained authorization messages, undeniable logs
  • Cybersecurity issues
  • IHAN approach and collaboration
Stream Three

How Israel became a world-leader on cyber security

  • How Israel achieved its cyber security success?
  • Policy and Practice which supports or inhibits cyber innovation.
  • Building eco-system and collaboration private enterprise with public sector and academia
  • Which technologies will propel Israel’s cyber success?
  • What are the roadblocks to innovation and how can they be overcome?
Stream Two

Best practices for implementing security ratings

Don’t waste time hoping your organisation has adequate security performance. Instead, discover how Security Ratings can reshape your risk management program by identifying, quantifying, and mitigating security risk.

As mitigating third party risk becomes an essential business function across many industries, business relationships will be tested. Organisations must now subscribe to a “trust, but verify” philosophy to ensure their third parties are secure. 
Join this session to learn how BitSight Security Ratings can transform your risk management program.
Stream One

Security insider: Curiosity killed the cyber attack

Les Anderson, CSO, BT

Afternoon networking break

Steven Wilson

The inside story of cybercrime: a view from the front line of international cyber policing

  • Are cyber attacks on your enterprise a result of espionage, organised crime or a random attack?
  • What have we learned from high-profile attacks in the last year and how can you adjust your security processes accordingly?
  • International collaboration models and open source platforms to keep you ahead of the threat
Panel discussion


Sir Iain Lobban, former Director of GCHQ, will host an exclusive panel of former and active government officials from around the world.  Held under Chatham House Rule, the panelists will speak off the record about their cyber security priorities and the future of cyber legislation in their respective countries.
Fabio Rugge, Head of the Centre on Cyber Security, Italian Institute for International Political Studies
Thomas Lund Sørensen, Danish Centre for Cyber Security
Senior Speaker, National Cyber Security Centre
Uku Särekanno, Estonian Information System Authority

End of Day 1

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