Agenda Day 2

The World Cyber Security Congress Day 2 - 28th March 2018


Day Two - Wednesday 28th March 2018


Chairperson’s opening remarks and welcome: Vince Warrington, Information Assurance and Cyber Security Consultant

Mark Weil

Insights from Insurance

  • Understand your exposure to cyber risk from an insurance point of view
  • Which aspects of cybercrime can be insured against and what can’t?
  • Results of the Marsh UK Survey: how involved are boards in combatting cyber attacks and responding to incidents?
Anton Shingarev

Fragile cyberworld - what to expect in 2018?

The world is already fragmented, and becoming a lot more so; the cyberworld – especially.
A lot of the discussion during meetings at WEF-2018 in Davos and on its sidelines concerned possible further future regional divisions around the world. But those divisions are already here, and have been for years. The World Wide Web is proof of this: a truly global Internet when people from anywhere, from the US to China, had access to the same digital services is long gone. Besides, today we have Europe’s increasing concern over digital privacy, while most EU citizens haven’t heard of the GDPR. Then there’s the rollback of the US’s net neutrality provisions, and protectionist legislation in Russia and other countries. Geopolitical tensions continue to increase and risk new clashes among nation states – even military conflict.
In his speech, Anton will provide an overview of the current worrying trends in the cybersecurity industry; explain how ‘balkanization’ is undermining its ability to do its job: protecting against cybercrime; and list what we need to do to slow if not reverse these trends.
Jamie Shea

Cyber as a Domain of Operations: How is NATO Adapting?

Mark Testoni

Disruptive technology to solve cyber security problems in government and industry: AI and Machine learning

  • How will the next wave of disruptive technology affect the cyber security industry ?
  • Cutting through the hype surrounding AI and Machine learning
Dave Palmer

The Future Impact of AI in Cyber-Crime


Networking coffee break & exhibition visit

Stream One - Evolving roles in the C-suite

Chairman: Vince Warrington, Information Assurance and Cyber Security Consultant

Stream Two - Managing a broad attack surface

Stream Three - Fraud and cyber crime

Stream One

The EU Experience in Global Cyber Capacity and Institution Building

international cooperation and cyber capacity building at the intersection of cybersecurity and development
Stream Two

How does King manage its attack surface with over 1 billion users?

  • How can your Development team build security into your applications?
  • Is it better to create these solutions in-house?
  • Tips for scaling your cyber security processes and protocols as your business booms
Stream Three

What can retailers and the financial sector do to combat fraud and cybercrime: a historical perspective

  • Could FIs do more to combat cybercrime through ‘Know your customer’ processes?
  • How can retailers work with law enforcement?
  • A perspective from ex-law enforcement turned security director
Stream One

What the board should know about Information/Cyber Security

  • Different circumstances call for different leadership skills
  • The current cyber climate demands CIOs, CISOs and CTOs with a strong grasp on business strategy and value-creation
  • Cyber security is no longer considered a solely ‘operational’ risk and IT professionals are moving to the c-suite
  • Is your IT team prepared for their new responsibilities? Are you?
Krisztian Kenderesi, Interim CISO, River and Mercantile Group
Stream Two

IT-Laws and Standards 2018: Cybersecurity in Germany and Europe

  • What does a sophisticated attack look like – a brief history of cyber attacks
  • Cyber Security and standards – what approaches are available
  • ISO 27932 and the NIST Framework – what approach did we take
  • Detect, Respond, Recover – cyber-attacks and incident response
  • Strategy execution – Benchmarking & tracking progress.
Dennis-Kenji Kipker, Project Manager VDE Competence Center for Information Security/CERT@VDE, German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies
Stream Three

Infosec challenges and insights 2018: From human to artificial intelligent

  • This presentation will focus on the challenges and fundamentals and roadmap of building an effective infosec program in 2018, and explore the emerging operational role of AI in infosec breach defense. 
Stream Two

Panel: what is the future of mobile and app security?

  • Mobile-readiness in the artificial intelligence age
  • Customer interaction at multiple touchpoints
  • The human side of mobile channels
Giacomo Collini, Director of Information Security, King
Greg Hawkins, CTO, Starling bank
Emilio Vacca, Director, Mobile channel, Telegraph Media Group
Stream Three

Panel: How have breaches changed in scope, motivation and cost?

  • Cyber security breaches today can see 5% of a company’s GDP wiped overnight
  • How have cyber security breaches changed historically?
  • What will the future hold?

Networking lunch break & exhibition visit

Networking lunch break & exhibition visit 




Stream One

Lessons Learned from a legacy IT overhaul at the Student Loans Company

  • SLC began their IT overhaul two years ago
  • What lessons were learned along the way and what advice would I give to IT professionals grappling with legacy IT transformation issues?
Stream Two

How smart connected product may shift the business paradigm from reactive to proactive, moving from a product to a product and service business model

Andrea Roero, CIO & Business Partner, Processes & Innovation, Cromodorawheels SpA
Tim Luck

Toy Joyriders: How Cayla could compromise your car

  • IoT vulnerabilities affect not just individual products but emerging ones too. In this presentation, Ken Munro will explore how security flaws can lead to a compromise of your connected car. He’ll explore the configuration, authentication and data handling issues common to both products and the danger this could pose to the driver of a connected car. 
  • Understand connectivity issues affecting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi
  • Learn about mobile app weaknesses and how not to apply encryption
  • See the potential for database/user commands to be abused
  • Explore how audio surveillance is eroding user privacy AND safety
  • Appreciate the problems associated with OTA security updates
Stream Two

What is your Cyber Ecosystem?

Manoj Varsani, CTO, The House Crowd
Manoj Varsani, Chief Technology Officer, The House Crowd
Kevin Millwood

Cyber culture eats security strategy for breakfast

  • With the best intentions, your cyber security culture can undermine your security strategy
  • How to cultivate the best cyber security culture for your enterprise

Basics of Cyber Hygiene: Knowing what to do, and Doing what we Know

Aman Sood, IT Risk Manager, Wadhwani Asset Management
David Lenoe

Making Compliance Count

It’s a brave new world, with bug bounties and crowd-sourced penetration tests now an up-and-coming way to augment security programs. But can you do the same with your compliance and certification programs? At Adobe, our security team has been working with our internal audit team and outside vendors to see if it’s possible – and the early returns are very encouraging! Find out more during this discussion of how you can leverage both internal and external security researchers to help with compliance efforts, while measuring your real-world security risk.  

Plenary wrap up session


Chair’s closing remarks and close of conference

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