Anton Shingarev | Vice-president for Public Affairs
Kaspersky Lab

Anton Shingarev, Vice-president for Public Affairs, Kaspersky Lab


The World Cyber Security Congress Day 2 - 28th March 2018 @ 09:30

Fragile cyberworld - what to expect in 2018?

The world is already fragmented, and becoming a lot more so; the cyberworld – especially.
A lot of the discussion during meetings at WEF-2018 in Davos and on its sidelines concerned possible further future regional divisions around the world. But those divisions are already here, and have been for years. The World Wide Web is proof of this: a truly global Internet when people from anywhere, from the US to China, had access to the same digital services is long gone. Besides, today we have Europe’s increasing concern over digital privacy, while most EU citizens haven’t heard of the GDPR. Then there’s the rollback of the US’s net neutrality provisions, and protectionist legislation in Russia and other countries. Geopolitical tensions continue to increase and risk new clashes among nation states – even military conflict.
In his speech, Anton will provide an overview of the current worrying trends in the cybersecurity industry; explain how ‘balkanization’ is undermining its ability to do its job: protecting against cybercrime; and list what we need to do to slow if not reverse these trends.

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