Pervin Anklesaria | Deputy Director
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Pervin Anklesaria, Deputy Director, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Pervin Anklesaria leads the HIV vaccines and biologics prevention efforts for the foundation’s HIV team. She joined the foundation in 2011 as a consultant and in 2012 became a senior program officer working on the foundation’s HIV vaccine and biologics initiatives. Pervin has held leadership roles in complex programs within the foundation’s HIV vaccine and biologics initiatives, including the CMV-HIV and tuberculosis vaccine program with Vir Biotechnology, the IAVI Neutralizing Antibody Consortium, mRNA-based vaccines with Moderna, and passive administration of broadly neutralizing antibodies and bi-specifics with Rockefeller University and Dr. David Ho. More recently, she joined the internal team that is collaborating with Merck to advance Islatravir, the company’s once-monthly oral pill for HIV prevention. Before joining the foundation, Pervin worked at Targeted Genetics Corporation from 1993 to 2009, leading the clinical development of AAV vectors for inherited diseases and evaluation of that platform for HIV vaccines, in collaboration with IAVI and the National Institutes of Health. In 2009, after the company’s assets were sold to Genzyme, she spent two years at IAVI as a project director and senior advisor, working on some of IAVI’s HIV vaccine candidates. Pervin earned a Ph.D. in India at the University of Mumbai, followed by a productive research career at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Massachusetts.


WVIC/WAC Day 1 - Nov 29 @ 09:00

Panel: HIV – how can we end the epidemic?

  • How is new research bringing the goal of a cure within reach? 

  • HIV Vaccine, antibody, and antiviral landscape

  • Merits / potential of different approaches – mRNA, bNAbs, LAAV, pre-exposure prophylaxis, prophylactic vs therapeutic vaccines 

    o How are we defining functional cure? 

    o Is the benchmark for a vaccine too high given the effectiveness of LAAV regimen?

  • To achieve success must reach all those disproportionately affected - How can PPP help to achieve this? 

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