Max Lataillade | Vice President, Head of Global Research Strategy
ViiV Healthcare

Max Lataillade, Vice President, Head of Global Research Strategy, ViiV Healthcare

Max Lataillade VP Head of global Research Strategy, is responsible for global research and development strategy for the HIV pipeline at ViiV Healthcare, the only company 100% dedicated to HIV. He oversees end-to-end R&D activities for all novel HIV pipeline programs designed to address key unmet medical needs for people living with HIV. Max ultimately is accountable for several dedicated and diverse teams and leads several programs with a focused approach on developing new antiretroviral agents that are safe and well tolerated with novel mechanisms of action for the treatment, prevention, and ultimately cure of HIV. Prior to joining ViiV Healthcare, Max was VP and Head of Global Development for HIV at Bristol-Myers Squibb where he joined the global clinical research group in 2007 as an infectious disease and HIV specialist from Yale University.

Max obtained his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey, completed his medical residency training at Temple University and Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Philadelphia in 2004, and finished his fellowship in Infectious Diseases and HIV at Yale University School of Medicine in 2007. Max is still a practicing physician with a very diversified practice. He is an assistant professor and teaching attending at Yale, and still volunteers at the West Haven VA HIV clinic in Connecticut.


WVIC/WAC Day 1 - Nov 29 @ 09:00

Panel: HIV – how can we end the epidemic?

  • How is new research bringing the goal of a cure within reach? 

  • HIV Vaccine, antibody, and antiviral landscape

  • Merits / potential of different approaches – mRNA, bNAbs, LAAV, pre-exposure prophylaxis, prophylactic vs therapeutic vaccines 

    o How are we defining functional cure? 

    o Is the benchmark for a vaccine too high given the effectiveness of LAAV regimen?

  • To achieve success must reach all those disproportionately affected - How can PPP help to achieve this? 

WVIC/WAC Day 1 - Nov 29 @ 16:50

Are long-acting ARTs the future of HIV prevention and treatment?

  • How can we improve the half-life of long-acting ARTs?
  • How can we enhance the uptake/usage of long-acting formulations?
  • What are the implementation challenges for therapies?
  • What are the key policy issues for these types of therapies?
  • Why can long-acting injectable therapies be difficult to access in LMIC?
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