Dr Manisha Diaz | Associate Director, Research and Development
Eurofins Viracor BioPharma

Dr Manisha Diaz, Associate Director, Research and Development, Eurofins Viracor BioPharma

Dr. Diaz is the Associate Director, Research and Development, Eurofins Viracor BioPharma. She has over 6 years of experience in the pharmaceutical CRO industry. Her wide range of experience includes developing Immunoassays and viral diagnostic assays to support clinical trials. She has interest and expertise in viral shedding (qPCR, ddPCR, and sequencing) and immune function assessment using ligand binding technology. Prior to joining Viracor Eurofins, Dr. Diaz was a post-doctoral associate in the Department of Molecular Biosciences at the University of Kansas where she investigated the regulation of bacterial autolysins. She received her PhD in Microbiology (Bacterial Genetics) from the University of Iowa and Masters in Biological Sciences from Bowling Green State University.


WVIC/WAC Day 2 - Nov 30 @ 12:10

A CRO harnessing a multi-faceted diagnostic approach to support a Moderna SARS-COV-2 Phase 3 vaccine trial

last published: 01/Dec/22 17:25 GMT

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