Lesley Stolz | Regional Vice President, Early Innovation Partnering
Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Lesley Stolz, Regional Vice President, Early Innovation Partnering, Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Lesley is Regional Vice President, Early Innovation Partnering at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, California. In this role, she leads identification, incubation, due diligence, negotiation, execution and on-boarding for high-impact partnerships and collaborations in external innovation. Lesley also oversees the regions partnership portfolio and is responsible for a wide range of dealmaking solutions including research collaborations, licensing options, venture investments, new company formations, and incubation to establish value-creating partnerships with promising early-stage innovators. Lesley’s career includes over 25 years of corporate development and organizational leadership in small and large companies in the biopharma industry. She has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Rochester and did her post-doctoral research in biochemistry at Harvard Medical School.


WVIC/WAC Day 3 - Dec 1 @ 08:30

Accelerating innovation –leveraging partnerships and collaborations to advance solutions to ID & Cancer

  • What are the advantages of partnering with big pharma, federal labs, accelerators, foundations and private investors?
  • What are their programmatic interests of the players involved in getting technologies to market?
  • What emerging technologies are those in charge of partnering and collaboration most excited about?
  • How can you position yourself optimally to get your tech noticed?
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