Jennifer DeMarco | Project Leader, Custom Assay Design and Development

Jennifer DeMarco, Project Leader, Custom Assay Design and Development, Microbiologics

Jennifer DeMarco obtained her Master’s of Science at the University of Virginia, with an emphasis in immunology and infectious disease and a specialty in vaccine and therapeutic development.  During the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, her work was at the front of the field with assay and model development for the rapid evaluation of vaccines and therapeutics needed to combat the pandemic, culminating in no less than 8 publications last year as collaborations with pharmaceutical partners—and four of the products she worked on in Phase III clinical trials.  She currently works for Microbiologics, Inc. as a project leader in custom assay design and development to support the needs of pharmaceutical partners in pre-clinical and clinical studies.    


WVIC/WAC Day 2 - Nov 30 @ 14:30

Development of custom assays to measure vaccine efficacy

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