CaroGen Corporation


CaroGen Corporation was founded by Drs. Bijan Almassian, Valerian Nakaar, Michael Robek, and John Rose to develop and commercialize novel immunotherapy approaches using the virus-like vesicle (VLV) platform. This patented platform was invented by Professor John Rose at Yale University School of Medicine and exclusively licensed to CaroGen. It relies on in vitro evolved artificial virus (enveloped self-amplifying mRNA) harnessing the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase from an alphavirus and the glycoprotein from vesicular stomatitis virus. Intrinsic adjuvant properties, rational design, and application of synthetic biology allow VLV express antigens of choice to induce robust antigen-specific immune responses. In collaboration with Dr. Robek at Albany Medical Center and Dr. Rose at Yale, CaroGen is developing CARG-201, its lead candidate for immunotherapy of chronic hepatitis B. Furthermore, VLV possess oncolytic activity and may express cytokines, cytokine antagonists, and PD-L1 shRNA to promote Th1 immune responses and reverse immune exhaustion. CaroGen is developing CARG-2020, the lead candidate for immunotherapy and prevention of recurrence of solid tumors. Our vision is to create a wave of transformative immunotherapeutics designed to engage the body's immune system to both recognize and fight off infectious diseases and cancer.


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