Leonardo Cerciello | Vice President Region, Asia, Africa And Middle East
Telecom Italia Sparkle | Italy

Leonardo Cerciello, Vice President Region, Asia, Africa And Middle East, Telecom Italia Sparkle


Day One @ 11:30

Wholesale Leaders’ Panel: Evolution of the wholesale business & Unlocking new growth drivers

Traditional wholesale services are being commoditised, and wholesalers are under increasing price pressure from new OTT players. How are wholesalers responding?
  • New customers, new business models and revenue streams – How are wholesalers adapting to winds of change?
  • What opportunities will virtualisation and software-defined technologies offer to wholesalers looking to innovate?
  • Cross-industry collaboration – What are the initiatives in establishing partnerships with third-party organisations?
  • How will IoT lead to and support shifts in wholesalers’ strategies?
  • Where is the next wave of opportunities?
last published: 22/Mar/19 13:55 GMT

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