Nadav Lehavy | Managing Director
Sandaire Family Investment Office | Singapore

Nadav Lehavy, Managing Director, Sandaire Family Investment Office

Nadav has been living in Asia and working in the financial services industry in the region for over twenty years. The recurring theme of Nadav’s career in Asia has been the starting-up and building-out of financial services businesses in the region. As Managing Director of Sandaire Singapore he is responsible for the firm’s activities in Asia. Prior to joining Sandaire, Nadav launched and managed his own regional consultancy firm, focused on advising financial services companies seeking to expand their respective business presence in Asia. Other experience includes managing AIG Trading Group out of Hong Kong, a capital markets business unit of AIG, which transacted as a principal and was a provider of risk management services to its clients. Within AIG’s asset management business line, Nadav was also responsible for the expansion of its private banking presence in Southeast Asia, based out of Singapore. In the early 2000’s Nadav was a co-founder and managing partner of a fin-tech firm, ARKaccess, which was seeking to launch the first pan-Asian ECN. Nadav graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in Economics and minored in English.


REIW Asia 2017 day 2 @ 15:50

Cutting out the middle man: New trends in family office investing

  • Reducing reliance on fund managers: Is the trend of family offices investing directly set to continue, or will fund participation still be there?
  • Risk profile: Are family offices less risk-averse than their institutional counterparts?
  • The Brexit effect: As some investors pull money from UK property funds, what opportunities does this create for family offices?
  • What is the appetite of family offices for investing in alternative asset classes such as shared workspaces, data centres etc?
  • What opportunities are there for collaboration between traditional CRE investors and family offices?
last published: 30/Sep/19 03:05 GMT

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