The Asian commercial real estate market is full of opportunity for investors, but there are also challenges. The weight of capital in the core space continues to drive prices up, but this is causing a downward trend in cap rates, eroding investment margins. Yields in Asia can be uncompetitive when compared with Europe and the US, meaning some investors are having to move further up the risk curve to find better returns. And let’s not forget that many of Asia’s economies don’t fall under the A grade geographies most popular with investors.


Looking beyond Asia, Asian capital continues to flow to the west, particularly to the US & Europe, although it remains to be seen what challenges and opportunities will be presented by Brexit and the 2016 US presidential election.

But despite these challenges, the changing world around us is presenting new and exciting opportunities for investors. E-commerce & logistics warehouses are appearing as Asia’s online shopping industry grows exponentially; data centres are being built, to handle the processing, distribution and storage of the enormous quantities of data being used by businesses today; shared workspaces are emerging as a new business trend. And Asia is even bucking the global trend of declining retail space, as large malls continue to pop up across the region.


Delegates at REIW Asia 2017

At Real Estate Investment World Asia 2017 we bring together LPs, GPs, developers, REIT owners, banks and more, to get straight to the heart of the investment opportunities for your business, exploring emerging asset classes and geographies across Asia Pacific, as well as opportunities further afield. Whether you’re looking to leverage new technologies, understand the different investment climates across the region, or simply want to hear from some of the brightest minds in the industry, you should join us.


Be inspired by our keynote speakers, then delve deeper into the issues in our focused sessions. It’s not just about listening – our interactive panel discussions and roundtable sessions mean that there’s plenty of chance to have your say too.





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