Luuk Strijers | Director - Head of Products
SGX Singapore Exchange | Singapore

Luuk Strijers, Director - Head of Products, SGX Singapore Exchange


REIW Asia 2017 day 2 @ 12:10

Asia Pacific REIT markets: What are the opportunities and where are the returns?

  • What are the developments and progress in the Asia Pacific REIT Markets – Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand etc.?
  • How have they performed - before, during and after the Global Financial Crises and what are the lessons learned?
  • What are the relative attractiveness of the various REIT markets in the Asia Pacific Countries, and how do developing/emerging markets stack up against established core markets in terms of investment potential?
  • We’ve recently seen the launch of both the first ETF with a focus on Asia Pacific REITs and the new SGX index tracking 30 Asia-Pacific REIT. What was the rationale behind launching this award-winning, innovative ETF?
  • What can we expect in terms of new ETF launches focusing on REITs and the accompanying index methodologies, and what is the outlook for these in emerging markets?
last published: 30/Sep/19 03:05 GMT

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