Chay Khiong Jeffrey Lee | Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer
Phillip Capital Management | Singapore

Chay Khiong Jeffrey Lee, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer, Phillip Capital Management

Jeffrey Lee is the Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer of Phillip Capital Management and has been with the Phillip Capital Group since 1992. The Company invests across asset classes, manages ETFs, segregated institutional accounts and public unit trusts including one of the largest authorized Singapore Dollar Money Market Fund. Jeffrey has more than 30 years of investment experience spanning several market cycles. His track record includes a number of highly rated public unit trusts in the Asia Pacific and Global Funds category.  Before assuming his current role, Jeffrey was Director of Investment at AIB Govett (Asia) Ltd, prior to which he held senior investment management positions at DBS Bank and Mitsubishi Corporation Group. A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) since 1990, he obtained his Bachelor’s (Honours) degree in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Singapore on a Public Service Commission Merit Scholarship.


REIW Asia 2017 day 2 @ 12:10

Asia Pacific REIT markets: What are the opportunities and where are the returns?

  • What are the developments and progress in the Asia Pacific REIT Markets – Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand etc.?
  • How have they performed - before, during and after the Global Financial Crises and what are the lessons learned?
  • What are the relative attractiveness of the various REIT markets in the Asia Pacific Countries, and how do developing/emerging markets stack up against established core markets in terms of investment potential?
  • We’ve recently seen the launch of both the first ETF with a focus on Asia Pacific REITs and the new SGX index tracking 30 Asia-Pacific REIT. What was the rationale behind launching this award-winning, innovative ETF?
  • What can we expect in terms of new ETF launches focusing on REITs and the accompanying index methodologies, and what is the outlook for these in emerging markets?

REIW Asia 2017 day 2 @ 14:10


  • Is the large amount of high quality office space coming online in Singapore’s market causing oversupply and pricing issues?
  • Opportunities for data centre investments and other alternative asset classes
  • Singapore has some high-performing REITs – is this a trend expected to continue?
  • How easy is it to secure capital in Singapore?
  • Where’s the residential opportunity in Singapore? Does it sit in luxury housing or elsewhere?
last published: 30/Sep/19 03:05 GMT

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