Louis Kuijs | Head of Asia Economics
Oxford Economics | Hong Kong

Louis Kuijs, Head of Asia Economics, Oxford Economics

Louis Kuijs is Head of Asia Economics at Oxford Economics, based in Hong Kong. He is responsible for leading the firm’s Asia macroeconomic research and forecasting, and overseeing the team of economists across the region. 

Prior to joining Oxford Economics, Louis held a number of senior positions in both the public and private sectors, including at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and most recently as Chief Economist for Greater China for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Hong Kong. While with the World Bank in Beijing, he led the well-regarded China Quarterly Update, headed the Bank’s mid-term review of China’s 11th Five Year Plan and led research on China’s saving and investment, rebalancing, and long term growth and structural change.  

Mr. Kuijs is a well-known observer of the Chinese economy and contributes regularly to the international media.


REIW Asia 2017 day 1 @ 17:30

The China Story: Opportunities for working in China and with Chinese investors

  • Has the economic slowdown in 2015 caused international investors to rethink or do they view it as creating opportunity?
  • With policy initiatives aimed at boosting capital flows into real estate and interest rate cuts lowering the developer cost of capital, where are the opportunities? Should you be looking at second tier cities or is it better to stick with the safety of Beijing & Shanghai? And with second tier cities, how can you avoid the oversupply mistake?
  • With the government’s anti-corruption initiative, institutional and core funds have started backing prime income-producing assets in tier 1 cities. Is this trend set to continue?
  • Opportunistic possibilities: Are economic issues, oversupply and declining development margins creating opportunities for discerning investors in the opportunistic space?
  • Is the growth in platform and entity-level transactions in China one that it set to continue?
  • What opportunities is the increased appetite of Chinese developers for partnering with international players creating?
  • China as an outbound investor: With estimates that Chinese insurers could export as much as US $240 billion to international property markets in the next 10-20 years, and strong appetite from Chinese investors for international projects and acquisition, is there an increased opportunity to work with Chinese investors on an international level?
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