Julian Kwan | CEO and Co-Founder
Investacrowd | Singapore

Julian Kwan, CEO and Co-Founder, Investacrowd

Julian is founder and CEO of InvestaCrowd, an online real estate capital marketplace. Based in Singapore, with 18 years of experience travelling, living and working in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia & USA, he is a massive proponent of alternative and online investing, specifically for real estate. 

In 2000 he co-founded the Mailman Group. In I 2006 co-founded Space Development a real estate investment and development business and successfully "crowdfunded" several of my own real estate developments. In 2007 he built, operated & sold China's leading boutique property, URBN hotel. He is also an early investor in Element Fresh a leading food business in China and invests his own family capital and maintains advisory roles with multi-family offices investing into real estate and proptech.   

He was elected President of the Shanghai Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) from 2012-2014, a global network of 8,000 business owners in 38 countries. I am invited and speak at all major conferences worth attending on real estate crowdfunding and online investment. Born in Sydney Australia holding degrees in Construction Management from University of New South Wales Australia, Mandarin from Beijing University and Finance from U21 Global Singapore.


REIW Asia 2017 day 2 @ 10:10

CRE Investment Disruption: What do you need to know?

Disruption in many other industries is creating a wealth of opportunity for real estate investors, but what about a little closer to home?
  • With the advent of artificially intelligent robo-investing, could the real estate investment market be democratized by technology?
  • Could crowdfunding become a real source in this market, or is it just too small-time to play outside of assets such as single family homes?
  • With over US $1.6 billion raised by real estate tech start-ups in the first half of 2016, how much do CRE investors need to keep abreast of these trends and changes?
  • What about the useful technology? What do we expect to see in the near future that could enhance CRE investors’ ability to make great investments?
last published: 30/Sep/19 03:05 GMT

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