Clinical Innovation and Partnering World 2017 Day 1





Ms Hilde Vanaken

Smart Technologies Transforming Patient Engagement: from Concept to Reality!


  • Automating clinical trial processes and personalizing patient support: the right pill for the right patient at the right time

  • An integrated suite of smart technologies, soon open for cross-pharma adoption

  • Building the next generation of clinical trials
Ms Caroline Feys

Engaging the patient by providing data access and inclusion in a trial community

  • Engaging the patient by providing data access and inclusion in a trial community
  • Discover how Janssen enabled patients get on-demand access to their data during the trial in order to promote transparency, engagement and retention
  • Data access as part of a Global Trial Community to connect and engage with patients
Joana Claverol

“From a unit of innovation to an innovative pediatric hospital”

The idea is to explain how we changed the institution to become an innovative hospital, applied to the research and innovation department, showing different examples of innovation:
Introduction: our innovation model
-    In the organisation: the clinical research unit and the KIDS program (patient’s involvement in the clinical trials design)
-    In the projects (some examples below) : 
o    Social media applied to Rare Diseases Research : Rare commons 
o    Telemedicine: Funny Friends
o    Wearables as therapeutic intervention: the example of diabetes



Morning Refreshments

Dr Guy Yeoman

Delivering patient centred science

  • To be patient centred, it’s important to understand how patients define patient centricity
  • What does a patient centred framework look like
Dr Bert Hartog


Developing a successful outsourcing strategy

Patient centricity

Developing a successful outsourcing strategy

Chair's opening remarks

Renaud Burrer, R&D Manager, Histalim
Developing a successful outsourcing strategy

PANEL: Disruptive procurement methods: Choosing your CRO

  • Multiple vs singular CRO input 
  • Finding the balance between expertise and ethos
Ms Muna Kugler, Associate Director and Group Leader, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Patient centricity

Accelerated Access Review

The UK Accelerated Access Review – a summary of recommendations, how patients can be involved and add to the process of innovation. The Accelerated Access Review aims to speed up access to innovative drugs, devices and diagnostics for NHS patients.
Patient centricity

Patients as partners - transforming the delivery of clinical research in the NHS

  • Getting the conversation going - initiatives to create a society that can enhance clinical research
  • Priority setting - answering the questions that matter most
  • Overcoming the challenges - making patient involvement work for the NHS, it's patients and our commercial partners
Developing a successful outsourcing strategy

Innovation in a Histopathology Central Laboratory

Renaud Burrer, R&D Manager, Histalim
Developing a successful outsourcing strategy

Understanding how to partner with charities to deliver patient centric clinical trials

Simon Ridley, Director of Research, Myeloma UK

Afternoon refreshments

Effective planning and risk management

Case studies on disruptive technologies

Effective planning and risk management

The Impact of ICH E6 (GCP) Addendum on sponsors and a Guide to Understanding how RBM fits In

  • What regulators will expect in terms of compliance with the guideline
  • Considerations for preparing how to address the changes required to effectively implement the revised guidelines
  • Understanding how your RBM strategy fits into your overall quality management system
Case studies on disruptive technologies

Disrupting clinical trials: looking at the bigger picture:

  • How are top 20 pharma companies currently already developing digital health solutions - beyond just trials? a look at key initiatives, partnerships, investments, and dedicated teams you are building up 
  • Which technologies attract venture investment: recent examples of investment in digital health technologies for clinical trials & beyond
  • Removing the blinders; you should be aware of potential new entrants in the life sciences industry who could disrupt the entire pharma industry
Effective planning and risk management

Risk based monitoring: What could go wrong in my trial, from a data point of view?

  • What needs to be taken into account when implementing risk based monitoring
  • What are the obstacles in the implementation process
  • How to get started, via a big bang approach or via a stepwise approach
  • What could go wrong and does it matter

Drinks reception

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