Clinical Innovation and Partnering World 2017 Day 2


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Mr Jim Kremidas

Human aspect of driving innovation and change in the clinical research industry

Amal Masalmeh

Selecting and Managing External Service Providers

  • Describe how to Identify an External Service Provider (ESP) based on service requirements.

  • Describes the process of performing due diligence and ESP qualification assessment.

    • Financial Due Diligence (FDD)

    • Supplier Quality Assessment (SQA)

    • Quality Assessment Visit (QAV)

    • IGM third party Assessment

  • Describes how to monitor ESP performance and address performance issues.

  • Describes how to conduct ESP close out activities.
Eileen Dergarabetian

Fair market value and safety notification portals

Ben Meghreblian

OpenTrials: an open, easy-to-use, linked database of information about the world's clinical trials

OpenTrials draws together information from multiple sources, inviting crowdsourced additions, and presents the information in various formats to various communities. The overall aim of the project is to improve access to information about trials, and to increase transparency
Derek Stewart OBE

Engaging and Involving patients in the Charity Sector


Morning refreshments

round tables


Round Table 1
Aligning external with interval values
An open discussion and exploration of some of the issues relating to clinical data sharing, including benefits to patients and researchers, concerns, solutions, licensing issues, and more
Ben Meghreblian,  Open Trials Community Manager, Open Trials

Round Table 2
Excellence in clinical relationship management
Eileen Dergarabetian, Cluster Clinical Operations Head, Novartis

Round Table 3
Risk based monitoring: Why is it so difficult to implement this new process?
What needs to be taken into account when implementing risk based monitoring
What are the obstacles in the implementation process
How to get started, via a big bang approach or via a stepwise approach
What could go wrong and does it matter
Artem Andrianov, Ph.D., CEO, Cyntegrity

Round Table 4
How to embrace disruption in your clinical development programme
Ed Cartwright, CEO/Founder, Cloud of Experts

Round Table 5
What is Block Chain and how this can provide E2E Patient Solution
Introduction to Block Chain
Is Block Chain the evolution to End to End Patient Solution?
What are the major disruptions from payers, service provides, CROs, and Sponsors?
Disa Lee Choun, Associate Director, UCB
  • Excellence in clinical relationship management
  • Lucy Herbert-Pike

    Lucy Herbert-Pike, Director of External Supply, Shire Pharmaceuticals

  • How to embrace disruption in your clinical development programme
  • Olesia Sledge

    Olesia Sledge, Head of Global, Clinical Trial Management, Novartis

  • Risk based monitoring: Why is it so difficult to implement this new process?
  • Dr Artem Andrianov

    Dr Artem Andrianov, Chief Executive Officer, Cyntegrity Germany Gmbh

  • What is Block Chain and how this can provide E2E Patient Solution
  • Ms Disa Lee Choun

    Ms Disa Lee Choun, Associate Director, UCB



    Relationship management with CROs

    Disruptive business models

    Relationship management with CROs

    How to manage your relation to translate patient centricity into your CRO

    • How patient-centric trails are being implemented at Shionogi
    • Translating company ethos into your CRO
    • Management and monitoring methodology

    Afternoon refreshments and exhibition viewing

    Data, IT and connected devices for clinical development

    Data, IT and connected devices for clinical development

    Clinical innovation Developing scalable mobile apps for clinical development

    Quick fire innovation showcase

    Hear from companies with novel solutions to clinical research challenges

    Vote on your favourite!

    Owise - a free app enabling breast cancer patients to record experiences of their care & offers tailored health information as to treatment & care.

    Anne Bruinvels

    Patients Know Best: a single, patient controlled record enables patients hold all their medical information across providers in a single record owned by them

    Lloyd Humphreys

    Health Unlocked – the world’s largest peer to peer health networking site enabling patients, caregivers and health advocates to connect safely online with guidance from credible experts (eg: charities) and signposts people - using AI technology - to relevant content based on their profile.  It has 4m visitors and also provides digital care plans for all people diagnosed with cancer in the UK

    Matt Jameson

    Coordinate My Care – Julia is a consultant in Palliative Medicine at the Royal Marsden and Royal Brompton NHS Trusts and a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London. She founded Coordinate My Care with the aim of providing a step change in ensuring patients receive the care in the place they would prefer, particularly at the end of life. Coordinate My Care (CMC) is a web-based IT platform enabling digital, multidisciplinary urgent care planning for end of life care. CMC empowers patients to make decisions with their GP about the interventions they receive, and allows caregivers to better understand patient preferences and clinical needs. Patients using CMC have seen 78% compliance with their stated preferred place of death, equating to 17% dying in hospital compared to 47% nationally and is on average saving the NHS £2,100 per patient equating to an annual saving of over £16.8 million in London where it is currently deployed. If implemented throughout England, projections for annual savings would be over £556 million.

    Julia Riley

    DrDoctor - an online & text based service allowing patients to confirm, cancel, and change appointments digitally. Hospitals can maximise and manage patient volume to best fit their capacity as the technology can target long waiting lists and automatically book patients into empty slots in clinics. In addition, it provides digital assessments before & after appointments, saving time for both patients & caregivers

    Tom Whicher
    Data, IT and connected devices for clinical development

    Integrated Digital Strategy

    • New GSK business model.
    • Communicating clinical trial evidence.
    • Delivery of virtual investigator meetings
    • Digital technology in clinical trials.
    Data, IT and connected devices for clinical development

    Data Sharing and Consistency: Inside and Out

    Taking a principled approach to
    o Collaborations & data sharing
    o Internal research & data reuse

    End of conference

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