Rita Lencastre Fernandes | Head of Laboratory Advisory

Rita Lencastre Fernandes, Head of Laboratory Advisory, NNIT

Rita Lencastre is the Head of Laboratory Advisory at NNIT A/S – a consultancy firm specializing in the life sciences industry and IT solutions. 

She has an academic background as a Biological Engineer. Throughout her diverse career in the life sciences industry, data, systems, and digital transformation have been a constant: starting operational analytics to support large-scale manufacturing, followed by the design processes in automation systems for greenfield manufacturing facilities, or implementation of laboratory information systems, integrations to bioprocessing solutions. 

In her current position in consultancy, Rita strives for digital strategies and technology implementations to enable people and businesses.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 13:45

Digital transformation: Ensuring people and business process centricity overcomes the technology hype

Digital transformation is a multifaceted concept. A journey marked by numerous stops, and to the surprise of many, one that never truly ends. 

In recent years, across the spectrum of activities in life sciences research and manufacturing companies, are observing an evolution in digital / IT initiatives from capturing data in monolithic systems of records and compiling insights into electronic documents, towards establishing data platforms that support business collaborative workflows by enabling data to be captured, transformed and exchanged within and between team, departments and organizations.  

It appeared that the focus was positive and shifting towards people working with data within systems, relying on diverse technologies, rather than the reverse order. Or so it seemed, before the AI hype that brought technology back to the driving seat.   

In this presentation we will discuss use cases and how to ensure a people and business process-centric approach in IT / Technology projects, avoiding mismatches between efforts on technology implementations and real business needs.  

last published: 17/Jun/24 14:15 GMT

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