John Jolliffe | Project Manager

John Jolliffe, Project Manager, NFDI4Chem

John studied Chemistry at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) and then moved on to the University of Oxford for his PhD studies in the field of organic chemistry. After Postdocs in Oxford and TUM (Munich, Germany) he spent some time in the pharmaceutical industry as a project manager. Since 2021 he is a project manager for NFDI4Chem where he is also heavily involved in a broad range of outreach activities such raising awareness for good research data management & use of ELNs.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 11:30

Advancing FAIR research data through FAIR terminologies using the NFDI4Chem terminology service: a unified approach to ontology curation and harmonization

In the era of Open Science, FAIR research data availability is vital for interdisciplinary research and data-driven discoveries. However, the absence of rich, discipline-specific metadata limits data integration and interoperability. This presentation stresses the role of FAIR terminologies, such as OWL ontologies, in addressing these challenges by enabling machine-actionable, FAIR research data. It discusses the importance of semantic precision for enhancing FAIR principles and explores the need for unified visualization and semantic overlap harmonization. A centralized platform for curating FAIR terminologies is proposed to foster collaboration and ensure alignment across domains, advancing FAIR research data and interdisciplinary discovery

Day 1 (26th June) @ 17:00

Chemotion: An open-source LIMS solution & open access data repository for automating FAIR data management

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) are essential for documenting research processes and storing data digitally, allowing for reuse. They enable planning, recording, and storage of experiments, aiding in data disclosure when combined with repositories. ELNs standardize data management and enhance it with metadata and identifiers. They benefit scientists by expediting research processes and information access. Chemotion ELN, initially for Chemistry, now caters to various scientific disciplines with specialized features. It integrates seamlessly with the open-access Chemotion repository, facilitating public data disclosure. This interoperability ensures easy data access and comprehensive information availability. Chemotion ELN and Repository align with Germany's National Research Data Infrastructure for Chemistry (NFDI4Chem) strategy

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