Emelia DeForce | Senior Program Manager, Sustainable Science & Product Stewardship

Emelia DeForce, Senior Program Manager, Sustainable Science & Product Stewardship, Genentech

Emelia DeForce, Ph.D. is a Senior Program Manager for Sustainable Science and Product Stewardship at Genentech.  Throughout her academic career as a scientist, she worked on climate change related research projects. Since then, she has realized the importance of implementing greener practices into research and development as well as within the manufacturing space to lower the impact of the pharmaceutical industry.  She drives innovative change to help mitigate the impact on our environment.   


Day 2 (27th June) @ 12:15

Embedding sustainability into single use technology (SUT) pharmaceutical manufacturing

There are multiple different plastic waste streams coming from pharmaceutical manufacturing. This talk will guide you through Genentech's journey to bring better practices into the manufacturing sites to mitigate single-use plastic waste. Several different strategies will be discussed and will highlight ways of reducing plastic usage via infrastructure and behavioral changes including details on what’s been implemented and potential pathways for the future

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