Claudia Ortugno | EMEA Development director

Claudia Ortugno, EMEA Development director, FMC

Claudia Ortugno, a seasoned agronomist with a PhD Plant Biology and Crop productivity from University of Milano, boasts a career rich in R&D leadership across four agrochemical and seeds companies spanning four countries. With over 16 years of industry experience, she has spearheaded product development, research, and team management initiatives.
Her unwavering commitment to agricultural advancement and sustainability fuels her drive, complemented by a fervent interest in pioneering technologies. Claudia is renowned for her dedication to fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and team development, both within organizations and through external partnerships.
Appointed as FMC Corporation's Product Development Regional Director a couple of years ago, Claudia's focus has recently intensified on scouting new technologies, particularly those offering sustainable alternatives to traditional agrochemicals and technologies for more sustainable practices in crop protection.


Day 1 (26th June) @ 11:29


last published: 14/Jun/24 11:25 GMT

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