Thot Data Management


Thot replaces the tedium of manual data analysis and organization through automation. Our software is built around FAIR data principles, giving structure to your data. With structure comes super powers. Our user interface makes it easy for researchers to organize data and understand the structure of projects. Data labeling is what enables Thot to automate your workflow, but it also means your data is easily searched and reused. Researchers can add new data or analysis at any time, and their project is automatically updated with the new results.

Thot’s integrated ELN flips the traditional notebook on its head. Notes are attached directly to data, meaning scientists no longer have to copy and paste their data into a notebook. Instead, each piece of data has all its relevant notes stored with it, so as the data moves, the notes move with it. This means researchers in the future will be able to quickly understand exactly how each piece of data was created, and how it is related to the project as a whole.



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