Rewake reawakens laboratory equipment!

Rewake is a French start-up that aims to develop the re-use of laboratory equipment and instruments. We valorize unused equipment and sell reconditioned material directly on our website,

Rewake is developing a simple, transparent and circular second-hand approach in three times:
- Trade-in: depending on the data collected on your equipment, we propose a suitable trade-in method and price.
- Reconditioning: the equipment is then reconditioned by our teams or selected partners.
- Resale: benefit from advantageous prices and lead times on a wide range of equipment directly on

The Rewake team now consists of its two co-founders:

Paul Forget is CEO of Rewake. He has a background in biotech and business. He worked in venture capital and biotech. He now manages the communication and finance of Rewake.

Alban is COO of Rewake. His background in medicine and research gives him access to a valuable network for Rewake. Alban possesses the hard skills essential to the development of tech tools and manages equipment procurement and customer acquisition.
We are both committed to having the strongest and most positive environmental and business impact possible. We share a taste for hardware projects with strong roots in the "real economy". We also share the ambition to make this kind of model as scalable as possible.




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