NADMED was born out of a need to measure NADs, key natural compounds of our bodies that balance and control health. After years of rigorous development work at the University of Helsinki in Prof. Suomalainen Wartiovaara laboratory, NADMED Ltd was founded in January 2022 to bring to the market a novel technology for profiling NAD metabolites and glutathione. The technology is based on the non-destructive extraction of all metabolites and a colorimetric quantification allowing accurate and scalable measurement of all forms of NADs from blood, tissues, and cells – something that has not previously been possible. The method is available as a CE-marked kit for the analysis of NAD+ and NADH from the blood that any clinical laboratory can use, and as Research-use-only kits and services.  We have paying customers in the EU and USA, and will expand to Middle East / Asian markets. NADMED is well positioned to serve the growing unmet need of measuring NAD metabolites in clinical and research settings, as well as in drug development. Our technology has been widely validated for accuracy and is well protected.




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