LarianTech GmbH


Since 2020, LarianTech has been providing the industry with high quality environmental monitoring services. It is located in the Principality of Liechtenstein and founded as a partnership formed by Adrian Wegiel and Laurin Oberhauser. LarianTech develops and manufactures monitoring devices that will become a prefered choice in the industry. We are committed to delivering monitoring products and services to help labs of all sizes accomplish their goals. The mission of LarianTech is to provide the best solutions for all your laboratory needs. 

LarianTech will be featuring our K-Tech monitoring devices that monitor the environmental status of all equipment in your laboratory. We will demo our cloud, which provides a secure simple way to manage your data. Its features include multiple users, alarm settings and custom reports. We will also demo our Gateway device that receives all information sent from connected Node devices. Its features include a 10 inch display for easy viewing of data and a three stage internet connection option. LarianTech monitoring devices give you the power to relieve your team from menial tasks and help you prevent loss of valuable samples.



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