Labnote is a unique platform for laboratory teaching and learning developed in University College London (UCL). It offers unique dual-modality experience. i. an exclusive membership-based web application designed to bridge the gap between supervisors/tutors and students or collaborating researchers in their scientific journey. Labnote also serve as a dynamic educational tool where students can hone their laboratory skills through interactive study modules and receive instantaneous feedback, substantially enhancing their learning experience and outcome. ii. a social learning platform for sharing information and connecting to like-minded colleagues within and across borders.

What sets Labnote apart is its emphasis on efficiency in teaching and learning as well as community engagement. Users are not just learning in isolation; they are given the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, forming communities based on shared interests. This feature fosters a collaborative environment where, creativity, innovation and idea exchange are not just encouraged but are integral to the learning process. With Labnote, students learning journey can be tracked, guided, and accredited ensuring targeted employability based on real-life experience.

Finally, Labnote is an invaluable tool for students looking to build a robust and impressive professional profile. The Labnote team have great higher education teaching experience which ensures that the platform is not only grounded in cutting-edge educational theory but also reflects the practical needs and challenges of contemporary and personalised laboratory learning.



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