ELDICO Scientific AG


ELDICO Scientific AG (The Electron Diffraction Company) is a Swiss technology and service company that was founded in 2019. ELDICO develops, manufactures and commercializes solutions based on their own proprietary electron diffractometer.
In 2022, Eldico Scientific opened its Experience Centre for electron diffraction in Basel, Switzerland, showcasing its cutting-edge device, the ELDICO ED-1. Nestled within the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel, this center provides an exclusive platform for customers to measure their own samples with electron diffraction also known as MicroED or 3D ED. Here, they can access a range of services , including

  • contract research
  • scientific application development
  • collaborative opportunities
  • tailored training workshops
  • customer demonstrations

Our clientele primarily comprises researchers from industrial and R&D-intensive sectors, particularly in burgeoning fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemical, energy storage and advanced materials.
We can determine on your sample the crystal structure at an atomic level and characterize its intermolecular interactions. Electron diffraction works on nanosized particles and therefor there is no need to spend resource, materials and time to grow larger crystals for single x-ray diffraction (SC-XRD) measurements.
We deliver the following service:

  • crystal structure determination
  • identification of impurities in powders
  • absolute configuration determination
  • micro-crystallinity in amorphous materials
  • crystallization of amorphous materials
  • polymorph characterisation
  • cocrystal or salt confirmation
  • molecular structure determination

Customer-specific needs can also be discussed and tailored to provide solutions together with our experts.




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