Crystallise! is a service provider of crystallographic services for structural elucidation of small molecules. The services are provided to the Pharma-, Agro-, and Chemical industries.
Although many CRO’s offer crystallization services for powder XRD, not so many do for single crystals (SC-XRD). Furthermore, many research facilities offer X-ray diffraction if single crystals are provided. Crystallise! offers both. To do so, the company runs an independent fully equipped laboratory and has its own X-ray diffractometer.

Using not common crystallization techniques, Crystallise! has achieved the unprecedented. Relevant Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) previously not characterized by X-ray diffraction have been crystallized and characterized by Crystallise!. In its 10 operational years the success rate for crystallization and characterization of small molecules is higher than 80%. Such cases include: determination of the absolute configuration of a penta-peptide API, an API hemi-hydrate crystalline form out of 80 different polymorphs, “Gum-like” agro-chemicals, reactive materials or sensitive crystals which tend to loose solvent, among others.

The two owners and founders of Crystallise! AG (Dr. G. Santiso-Quinones and Dr. G. Steinfeld) are also very well known in the field of Electron Diffraction, where they have designed and developed a state-of-the-art dedicated electron diffractometer for the structural elucidation of nano-crystalline particles.



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