Calico Biosystems


Calico Biosystems is a startup in creation that addresses the critical issue of the poor efficacy of anti-cancer drugs in patients.  Each year, pharma and biotech companies develop 8,000 new anti-cancer drugs. The development of each drug costs 1 billion USD, but more than 95% of them fail to reach FDA approval, mostly due to lack of efficacy. The causes mainly reside in the artificial models used in the pre-clinical testing that fail to recapitulate the heterogeneity and complexity of patients' tumors and translate into clinical benefit for only 10% of cancer patients.
Calico Biosystems’ mission is to challenge the status quo and to develop a disruptive drug testing platform capable of:

  • Reliably assessing at the pre-clinical stage the efficacy of drugs in patients 
  • Predicting combinations that potentiate the clinical efficacy of drugs. 




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