Arcondis is a global professional services company exclusively focused on the life sciences and healthcare industries. Owned by a Foundation and committed to healthcare improvement, we accelerate value creation for our clients in R&D; Manufacturing & Supply Chain; Marketing, Sales & Service – to ultimately benefit patients. Our solutions and services include Regulatory & Industry Compliance; Digitalization, Data, IT & Infrastructure; People & Culture; and Product Lifecycle Management. With a well-established reputation built over two decades, we have earned the trust of leading companies in Pharma, MedTech, Healthcare and Start-ups. Headquartered in Switzerland, we employ more than 250 specialists and professionals. We make healthcare better, globally!


Arcondis will showcase the latest innovations in laboratory technology. Highlights include a digital lab assistant that is designed to guide scientists through experiment procedures with ease and a smart packaging solution that integrates augmented reality to redefine consumer engagement. We will also be featuring the transformative potential of generative AI, demonstrating its versatility and impact through some use cases.  Our team of experts will be available to provide insights into digitally integrated laboratory environments and offer practical ideas for enhancing lab operations efficiently.



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