Aixelo helps lab teams transition to a modernized R&D process through scalable adoption of next-generation AI. Our leading AI software platform is a co-pilot for experimental planning that replaces the traditional Design of Experiment or One Factor at a Time (OFAT) with a more effective adaptive planner. The Aixelo AI agent learns with each experiment and presents options based on observed data and past measurements. Thus, scientists can uncover unexpected results and can more efficiently navigate large design spaces for complex multi-objective optimization. Since data is generated on the fly, no initial data is necessary.
What sets us apart from traditional data analytics is that we use AI to dynamically support scientists in deciding what experiment to run next to reach project goals quickly instead of statically analyzing existing data. Besides software, we provide a framework for how to best use AI. Our Edison-4.0™ methodology distills years of experience in AI for chemistry and materials into a broadly applicable set of best practices, simplifying adoption.
With Aixelo, R&D teams can start with AI immediately without steep learning curves, expensive data cleaning, or heavy investments in change management. With us, you achieve higher lab productivity, faster product development, and become more effective with your breakthrough innovation.
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