Abrinca (abrinca.com) facilitates data management and analysis for microbial genomes (bacteria, archaea, and fungi). We are a spin-off from the University of Bern to commercialize the award-winning software OpenGenomeBrowser. Our software facilitates genome data management, enables user-friendly data analysis without the need for programming skills, and ultimately permits faster discoveries. OpenGenomeBrowser (opengenomebrowser.github.io) allows you to easily import microbial genomes (incl. metadata) into a systematic folder structure. Then, through a web browser, it enables you to do the following tasks in a user-friendly way, without the need for programming:

· Visualize gene coverage on pathway maps.

· Calculate phylogenetic trees.

· Compare genes: based on sequence, based on genomic neighborhood.

· Compare two genome assemblies using dotplots.

· Search for annotations.

· Search for sequences (BLAST).

· Find genes that are unique to certain genomes.

· Find genes that correlate with a certain phenotype. Thus, OpenGenomeBrowser enables non-programmers to work independently and effectively with genomic data, cutting time of certain tasks from days to mere minutes. Additional advantages are:

· OpenGenomeBrowser can be hosted on customer infrastructure, protecting valuable genomic IP.

· Our software can be adapted for custom use cases, our experience can facilitate this process.

Visit our stand to experience the power of OpenGenomeBrowser firsthand and discuss how it can revolutionize your microbial genomics research. Let's unlock the secrets of microbial genomics together!



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