Trince is a spin-off company from Ghent University offering a novel intracellular delivery (transfection) technology for the life sciences/biotech field. The LumiPore platform is based on the interaction between pulsed laser light and photothermal nano material. When irradiating the proprietary nanoparticles with laser light, highly localized light-induced thermal and mechanical forces are generated. When the nanoparticles are in close contact with the cell membrane, these light-induced forces can form transient pores in the membrane through which external effector molecules can enter in the cell. This ‘photoporation’ technology was developed as a next generation intracellular delivery platform for efficient, flexible gentle and safe delivery of a wide variety of effector molecules in a broad range of primary and hard-to-transfect cells, maintaining high therapeutic quality. Trince commercializes the LumiPore device associated with a range of consumables and is developing a cGMP clinical grade device. The technology can deliver a large variety of payloads in many different hard to transfect cell types, including adherent cells (directly in a standard lab recipient) and even living tissue slices.